April 22, 2021

El Guiniguada receives' La voz dormida', by Dulce Chacón – La Provincia

El Guiniguada receives' La voz dormida', by Dulce Chacón - La Provincia

The Guiniguada Theater has scheduled for this Wednesday the 13th at 20.30 the play The sleeping voice, based on the Spanish postwar period. This text is born from the Extremadura writer Sweet Chacón. A group of women, imprisoned in the Madrid prison of Ventas, holds the banner of dignity and courage as the only possible weapon to face humiliation, torture and death.

Daniel Tapia, director of the Guiniguada Theater, highlighted on Monday in the presentation, that it was a "chance" to program it for its great quality. The sister of the author, Inma Chacón, explained that it is "a story of times of silence, where he recounts the suffering of those women who lost a war and the agony they lived without knowing what would be its end." The work is documented in real stories, although the author softened some of them and introduced new nuances. It was his last novel, the author died in 2003, awarded by the Guild of Booksellers of Madrid as Book of the Year 2003.

This Tuesday, the 12th, at 5:00 pm, there will be a colloquium in the Guiniguada Theater with the also writer Inma Chacón, Dulce's twin sister, about historical memory, Dulce Chacón and the novel The sleeping voice.

The sleeping voice won four nominations for the XXI Max 2018 Awards: Best address for Julián Fuentes; Best Adaptation for Cayetana Cabezas; Best Female Performance for Laura Toledo and Best set design for Julián Fuentes Reta. The work of Dulce Chacón is a song of peace, freedom, love and the struggle to live in difficult times. It is directed by Julián Fuentes Reta and has the magnificent interpretation of Laura Toledo.


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