May 13, 2021

El Guiniguada opens its programming to humor, debate and modern music – La Provincia

El Guiniguada opens its programming to humor, debate and modern music - La Provincia

The Guiniguada Theater launches two new lines of programming that aim to continue increasing the cultural offer of this theatrical space dependent on the Government of the Canary Islands: #Guiniguada Y Guiniguada Live Sessions, two bets with which it is intended to underpin stable and quality programming, in order to improve and complete the performing arts agenda.

Aurora Moreno, General Director of Cultural Promotion, said on Tuesday in the presentation of these other two lines of programming that adds to the offer of dance announced last week, which #Guiniguada "It wants to bring current affairs to the forefront, we are immersed in a period of digital, social and cultural transition, and it does not matter which generation we belong to, it does not matter if we are Millenials, generation Z. or if we are fortunate to have no label: the world moves very fast and there are many things to understand, a lot to learn and a lot to unmask. #Guiniguada we want to look closely and in the eyes of the times that are running with a series of casual conversations with those who know more about this, led by the podcast team The Exquisite Corpse that will serve as a map to know, first, where we are and then, where we are going. Or, at least, they will help us laugh a while. Technology, trends, social movements … All are mentioned under the same hashtag: #Guiniguada"

Cristina del Río, Delegate of the SGAE Foundation in the Canary Islands, showed its support to these projects because "it consolidates the type of initiatives that we are supporting, new technologies and the digital world." We try to take forward new projects that include new technologies such as the channel of Youtube, which will be a permanent showcase in which Canarian creators can disseminate their activity ".

On the other hand, Daniel Tapia, Director of the Guiniguada Theater, said that this programming is born of a public contest. "These lines of programming suppose that there is a new type of audience in the Theater and the generation of content that reaches out of space."

Dani Rodríguez, from the collective Exquisite Corpse, explained that "our bet is to give it a topical and eminently comical approach but we want the public to think and for that we are going to deal with current issues. #Guiniguada we want to look closely and in the eyes of the times that run with a series of informal conversations. "This new line of programming opens this Thursday, the 24th with the show Humor in the times of anger. A proposal that has humor is a fundamental element. Laughter fulfills a vital social function: making the road easier when the road gets harder. But right now, the hard way is precisely the professionals of laughter. How does a comedian work in the 21st century, when the sensibilities are more to the surface than ever? How do you laugh at the time of easy offense and protest on twitter? Is it possible to make humor in times of anger? The members of Exquisite Corpse they reflect on it in front of the microphone with the help of Kike Pérez and the collaboration via skype of Darío Adanti, humorist and draftsman of the magazine Mongolia.

It will continue on this line on February 21 The Carnival without disguise, in which the members of Exquisite Corpse next to La Chirimurga del Timple and Drag Grimassira Maeva to finally take away the Carnival costume. With #Guiniguada is intended "to look closely and in the eyes of the times that run with a series of casual conversations", which will have as protagonists in the coming months issues such as Cinema room and lounge cinema, with Raúl Díaz Y Aarón Gómez; Y Art and social activism, with Pepe Viyuela Y Collective PSJM.

'Guiniguada Live Sessions'

Another new line of programming is the Guiniguada Live Sessions. It is a commitment to a new concept of public creation and visualization of musical shows, paying special attention to improvisation. It is a monthly recording and the creation of a music video by a Canarian artist live at the Teatro Guiniguada. Guiniguada Live Sessions aims to give international visibility through social networks to modern music projects (jazz, funk, contemporary, fusion) made in the Canary Islands by Canarian composers, performers and artists of different styles through live recordings, which will be hosted by a YouTube channel created specifically for this purpose with the purpose of establishing a database that will remain in the network indefinitely for free consultation of anyone interested in knowing the Canarian musical repertoire.

In this sense, the guitarist Yul Ballesteros he believes that we have a lot of modern music in the Canary Islands "but there is a lack of dissemination of this type of music, it is important to record it and to record new music on a Youtube channel in order to disseminate it is a wonderful idea. It will give international visibility to producers and programmers. " This cycle will begin with the Gran Canaria Big Band Y Germán López, one of the Canarian timplistas of greater world projection.


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