Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

El Guiniguada celebrates 'Sundays of Author' with Diego Navarro – La Provincia

He Guiniguada Theater takes up the season with a new edition of Authoring Sundays which, this time will feature the composer and musical director Diego Navarro. The appointment will be this Sunday, day 15, at 12.00, in an intimate meeting with the musician of international influence, who will talk about his long career in this area, as well as the concert Cinema Morricone, which will be offered in this same scenario a week later. The talk is freely available to the public.

Diego Navarro He early demonstrated his innate talent for music. In fact, with only 13 years, he premiered his first work before the public. Later, as a result of his recognition, he would climb on the stage and conduct his first orchestra concert with the baton at 21. In his filmography, titles such as Catch the flag or The Mauthausen Photographer, among others.

Also, for his latest work he has received national and international nominations and awards. It is the case of his soundtrack Dawn Passage, nominated for the prestigious World Soundtrack Awards (World Music Awards for Cinema) which awards the Ghent Film Festival. In addition, he was also doubly nominated for the Gaudí Awards in the categories of Best Original Music and Best Orchestral Work, respectively.

The interpretations of Diego Navarro, as conductor, have been edited by the Hollywood record label Varèse Sarabande, specialist in film music, and also for Quartet Records or Rosetta Sountrack. Director and father of Tenerife International Film Music Festival (Fimucité), Navarro is configured as one of the most respected batons of the genre.

Authoring Sundays it's a cycle of Guiniguada Theater in conjunction with the SGAE, oriented to the formation of new audiences, an open space of communication with which the public is intended to know each artistic discipline better and enjoy more of the shows that are exhibited on this stage.

On this occasion, the meeting revolves around the music that is made for the cinema and is linked to the concert Cinema Morricone, which will be held in Guiniguada on Saturday, September 21. Integrated in the Fimucité program, of which he is director Diego Navarro, proposes an intimate celebration, performed by soloists Simone Pedroni and Sara Andon, on the occasion of the 90th birthday of the prestigious composer Ennio Morricone. Tickets are already on sale, at the price of 15 euros.

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