March 4, 2021

El Guaguas does not fail in its hunt for leadership

Moisés Cézar -right.- tries to block the shot of Víctor Rodríguez, from Teruel.  |  |  LP / DLP

Moisés Cézar -right.- tries to block the shot of Víctor Rodríguez, from Teruel. | | LP / DLP

CV Guaguas is amending the setbacks it committed in the first league round. Yesterday he destroyed CV Teruel, with whom he was defeated on the Teruel track by 3-1 and which in the second round match played yesterday at the CID he passed over with a resounding 3-0. Sergio Miguel Camarero’s team now has 58 points and is three behind Teruel himself, who commands the Super League qualifying table with 61 points, but with the particular average in favor of the final phase.

The match started reflecting that between the two contenders, very successful in the reception and exchanging blows until a point by Jordi Ramón and an error of the Gran Canaria forced Camarero to request the first time-out of the match with 9-11 on the scoreboard .

The dynamic was reversed in favor of the Gran Canaria spurred by a devastating Pablo Kukartsev, who found the support of Matt Knigge and Hage to put Miguel Rivera’s men on the ropes, who did not hesitate to consume his last time out to try to balance the crash with 19-16 in the electronic.

Teruel clung like a burning nail to the effectiveness of Ereu and Jordi Ramón, but Guaguas did not make concessions at home and Kukartsev was in charge of closing the first round with an unstoppable diagonal that placed the final 25-22 on the scoreboard (1 -0), giving the first partial advantage to the Gran Canaria.

An 8-1 starting part of the Guaguas forced Miguel Rivera to burn his two time-outs in a row, seeking to curb the power of the Gran Canaria unleashed in attack with Matt Knigge, Hage, Moisés Cezar and especially Cocodrilo Kukartsev.

Bugallo and Jordi Ramón appeared on the scene to continue chipping stones in search of a comeback that stayed two points after placing 16-14 on the scoreboard and the nerves appeared in the incombustible Camarero, who had to pull the ears of his to win the second set.

Between Hage and the bites of the Argentine crocodile came the longed-for 2-0 when reaching 25-21 in the CID light.

A needy Teruel faced the third set with the rope around his neck, committing too many errors and suffering to stop the attacks of Hage and Almansa that forced Rivera to consume his first time-out with 10-6 on the electronic, in search of recovering sensations to to be able to extend the game in a fourth set.

Between Hage, sublime against Teruel, and the visiting errors, who, not finding a way to stop the Brazilian receiver, reached 15-8 on the electronic scoreboard.

The Guaguas put the direct with Matt Knigge in the final act to end the clash on the fast track, prevailing in the third and final set by a bulky 25-16, which gave them the final victory 3-0, achieving three points for depend on themselves in the hunt for the regular season lead and keep the home court factor in a hypothetical final until the end.

Data sheet

CV Guaguas 3

CV Teruel 0

Buses: Paulo Renan Bertassoni (1), Jorge Almansa (5), Matt Knigge (4), Pablo Kukartsev (17), Guilherme Hage (18), Moisés Cezar (6) and Alejandro Fernández (L). They also played: Javier Sánchez, Stefano Nassini

Teruel: Mart Naaber (2), Jordi Ramón (12), Thomas Eres (8), Pablo Bugallo (5), César Martín (4), Víctor Rodríguez (10) and Aarón Gámiz (L). Also playing: Manuel Parrés, Milan Jovanovic.

Partial: 25-22; 25-21; 25-16.

Referee: José María Padrón Hernández and María de las Olas Rodríguez Machín.


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