El Granca, to defend the Playoff square and stretch the yellow streak

Dylan Ennis drives to the basket in a game this season. / CB GRAN CANARIA

The Claretians seek this Sunday (7:00 p.m.) another victory in the domestic championship, which would be the ninth of the last 12 duels, before fighting for a place in the European semifinal

Kevin Fontecha

KEVIN FONTECHA The Gran Canarian palms

The rhythm doesn't stop and the calendar demands encouragement for a CB Gran Canaria that reaches the final stretch of the season with high morale and in full swing for all the goals set. It is the Claretians' turn, at the home of Monbus Obradoiro, which is fighting to save the category, maintain its Playoff spot and extend its successful streak in
endesa leaguewhere they have eight wins in the last 12 matches played.

Porfi Fisac, aware of the importance of staying firm in both competitions, wants to continue on his own.
El Granca, which this Tuesday will host Andorra in the quarterfinals of the EuroCuphope you don't fail against an Obradoiro that has won two of its last three home games.

The Galicians need the victory to take another step towards permanencebut they know that they will have to sweat a lot and minimize turnovers to prevent the islanders from being able to run as usual.

Thus, the great form of Gran Canaria, with seven wins in the last nine league games, will be a test of height for Monbus Obradoiro, who need to become strong on their track to certify their permanence in the Endesa League after the important victory on the track of Burgos, so
the Claretians will try to fish in troubled rivers in response to the needs of the local squad.

«We are in a time of not having excuses, of pushing and being brave, not to think which party to choose. This is not the time to cry or to be thinking if you play Tuesday, Wednesday, before or after. There is only one game right now. It's exam mode, final result. Know what we want to be.
There is no excuse, there is only one game and it is played on Sunday in Santiago. And then the next. This is not the time for praise, or crying, or excusing ourselves, "
Porfi Fisac ​​made it clear.

«We have to add each game and not doubt, or think about things outside the game you are playing.
Each game has such a great impact, it is so beautiful, it is very attractive as to get lost »warning.

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