Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

El Granca and the Canary Islands, champions - The Province

El Granca and the Canary Islands, champions - The Province

The title of the insular cadet championship fell into the hands of the CB Gran Canaria, in the masculine category, and of the Canary Islands, in the feminine one. Both teams defeated the boys and girls of the Canterbury Academy.

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The women's tournament brought together the Canary Islands, Canterbury, Basketball Club Telde and Gran Canaria in a previous phase disputed in the Arinaga pavilion.

The Canary Islands started with a triumph against CB Telde (64-14) and CB Gran Canaria (60-10). Meanwhile, Canterbury did the same against Gran Canaria (78-27) and CB Telde (72-49).

The final was played in the La Paterna pavilion between the Canary Islands and Canterbury and was decided in favor of the first 63-54. Carla Brito, Marta Acero and Elena Rodríguez were the most outstanding of the yellows, while on the school side they excelled, Diane, Falcón and Sánchez.

On the other hand, the men's category was resolved with a final series to the best of three matches between Gran Canaria and Canterbury Academy. The pupils of Fede Ojeda managed to surprise the collegiate team in the first game played in the fief of San Lorenzo and broke the court factor by winning 44-64.

The second match was played in the pavilion of La Vega de San José with a large influx of fans in the stands. The meeting passed with great equality but a final arreón of the Granca allowed him to win by 63-55.

Álvaro Vargas, Néstor Herrera, on the yellow side, and Adrián Travieso and Souleymane Sylla were the most outstanding.


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