'El Enfoque' analyzes the consequences of climate change in the Canary Islands

Coinciding with the celebration in Madrid of theClimate Summit, the programFocusde Televisión Canaria broadcasts this Thursday, December 5, the special report 'S.O.S: the planet is running out'. It shows the evidence of climate change in the Canary Islands. The greenhouse gas emissions have reached record levels and the consequences of the warming of the Canarian waters already affect marine biodiversity and the primary sector.

The report includes interviews with experts who analyze the changes that are taking place in the environment and the doctors who certify the damages that the pollution is causing to the health. It also collects testimonies from neighbors and businesses affected by thesea ​​level riseand of chronically ill patients who suffer the increase in pollutant gas emissions.

The program also discusses the impact of climate change on the tourism sector, which would be threatened by the disappearance of some beaches, and addresses the danger to the Canary Islands of the "shame of flying" movement that is spreading throughout the world.

In political key,Focuswill treat thepremiere of the legislatureAfter last November's elections, a period that is expected to be unstable and fierce as Sánchez tries to finalize support for his investiture.

The program will also address the birth crisis suffered by the Canary Islands, at the fecundity tail, together with the analysis of the PISA report that places the islands in the last teaching positions in Spain.

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