El Cuyás is transformed into a circus to receive a 21st century 'Host'

From left to right, Toni Acosta and Dani Muriel, yesterday, at Cuyás.  |  |  EFE

From left to right, Toni Acosta and Dani Muriel, yesterday, at Cuyás. | | EFE

A luxury cast stars this weekend at the Cuyás Theater in the assembly Anhost, written and directed by one of the best playwrights in our country, Juan Carlos Rubio, based on the text with which Molière in turn covered the classic Plauto.

Its choral cast is made up of Pepón Nieto, Toni Acosta, Fele Martínez, Paco Tous, Dani Muriel and María Ordóñez, who also have already hung the “all sold” poster for the functions scheduled today and tomorrow at 7.30 pm (dates and schedules modified by Covid alert level 3 in Gran Canaria).

As for the keys of Anhost, which was presented yesterday in the capital by the Councilor for Culture of the Cabildo, Guacimara Medina, together with the interpreters Acosta and Muriel; its director, Juan Carlos Rubio, affirms that what Molière committed when he covered the funny text Plautus was “a robbery”, and that based on the famous phrase “Whoever robs a thief has a hundred years of forgiveness”, he has not been pained clothes in doing what, he intuits, the French author would have done to live in our days.

One of the novelties of this version is its rewriting of the role of women

On the one hand, "to adapt to reality and rewrite the role of women, turning them not into simple pawns on the manly game board but into real motors side by side with the male characters." On the other, "delve into the game of duplicity and image" by answering questions such as: What are social networks more than a desperate attempt to observe us from the outside, shape our own being and show ourselves (with filters) to the world and, by extension, ourselves? Do we need to see ourselves to believe us? Are we victims of our own image and likeness?

Thus, in this story of identity theft, Plauto makes the god Jupiter (Dani Muriel) and his son Mercurio (Paco Tous) become General Anhost (Fele Martínez) and his servant Sosias (Pepón Nieto), so that Jupiter can seduce Alcmena, the wife of Anhost (Toni Acosta).

"There are several layers of reading, which makes it more fun," said Muriel during the presentation, who highlighted the importance of going to the theater in this time of pandemic, "as it is food for the soul." "At the end of the performance, the appreciation of the people is noted for the effort made to maintain the representation" despite the difficulties that the pandemic forces.

In the opinion of Toni Acosta, "the whole function is very magical" and some changes on the original work have allowed, for example, that the female characters are more important than they were initially.

The actor Dani Muriel advanced yesterday that the work houses "several layers of reading"

Moliére's work featured blurred women, with hardly any prominence, but Juan Carlos Rubio has rewritten their role and freed them from being “simple pawns on the manly game board”, he has given them more personality and they act “side by side with the men".

As for the music, the lyrics of the songs are by Moliere, they have been adapted for the show, said Muriel. Likewise, an old language is maintained and the body work of the actors is of great importance.

The work is a co-production of the International Festival of Classical Theater of Merida, Mixtolobo and Pentación.


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