El Cuyás and the Insular Hall join in celebrating World Dance Day

María Juncal danced at the Cuyás Theater.  |  |  LP / DLP

María Juncal danced at the Cuyás Theater. | | LP / DLP

Managed by the Cabildo through the Foundation for the Performing Arts and Music of Gran Canaria, the Cuyás Theater and the Insular Theater Hall (SIT) join the celebration today, of World Dance Day, with the dissemination of a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Zm23PIKJ6k) in which the dancers, mostly from Canaries, who have passed through both venues in recent months, have collaborated, and with which They intend to contribute to the enhancement of this artistic discipline.

The Tenerife Daniel Abreu, winner of the National Dance Award who starred in Nudity in the Viera y Clavijo venue, or the Gran Canaria bailaora María Juncal, who also performed at the Cuyás La vida es un romance, present in the video their vision of the anniversary and dance as a whole, while Dácil González also from the island and the Catalan dancer and choreographer Arnau Pérez, who performed at the SIT after winning the Jury Prize at the 24th International Festival of Contemporary Dance of the Canary Islands (Masdanza) , encourage the youngest to continue dancing, despite the demands of the profession and the current difficult situation.

Juncal, who does not hesitate to express the happiness that the dance causes him, affirms that "Dance Day must be celebrated because it is the day of the people", something that Daniel Abreu shares. "It is not a celebration only for professionals, but a celebration of a living body, of having a rhythm, of having a heart that beats and that gives music, and to which it is necessary to give life", exposes the Tenerife-born creator, for whom " dancing, being in movement, it is something that belongs to us, something we need for physical and mental health, it is important and necessary ”.

Dácil González recognizes that it is a "demanding" profession that requires "discipline"

A need that, he reiterates, is common to all, not just dance experts. For this reason, one of the things that most interest and seduce Daniel Abreu when he presents a work is to hear the public say “I didn't understand anything, but I loved it. I did not understand anything, but it connected me ”, statements that, in his opinion, indicate that“ there is something that has awakened in the viewer ”. "It is not what we have said, it is what we have done," he concludes.

From a more technical point of view, Dácil González recognizes that dance is a "demanding" profession that requires a lot of "discipline", which should not hold back the youngest. “If you are interested in something, if you want something, fight for it,” the National Dance Award also encourages them.

A call to which Arnau Pérez also joins, who, despite the "difficult situation" that the trade and the cultural sector are going through, addresses the new generations of dancers to tell them that "the most interesting thing to create, to be involved in art, is to share it ”, not only on the stages of theaters and halls, but“ with close people ”.


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