October 1, 2020

El Corte Inglés withdraws an image of its ‘Back to school’ campaign after criticism received because it could be misinterpreted

El Corte Inglés has decided this Tuesday to withdraw a controversial promotional image that it had used to advertise accessories and elements for the ‘Back to School’. The image, which shows two feet and a chair, had received much criticism on social networks given the connotations and readings that could be made. From the company they specify that this photograph was not the central image of the campaign and they ask for “apologies” in case any person had been offended.

The image, which apparently was cropped to give more prominence to the shoes, had been described as “gloomy” and “misguided” in social networks, given that the framing and the position of the feet could give rise to interpretations that from the company deny. “In no case was the intention of that image related to the interpretation that has been given to it,” they argue in a statement via Twitter.

Several users on social networks pointed out how a supervised campaign could end with a poster that gives “chills.” The department store platform has definitely replaced photography.


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