April 11, 2021

El Corte Inglés will present to the unions its largest employment adjustment: up to 3,000 voluntary dismissals




El Corte Inglés will present to the workers’ representatives tomorrow its biggest employment adjustment in history. Specifically, this plan will consist of up to 3,000 voluntary withdrawals. These withdrawals will be destined only to the staff of El Corte Inglés SA, and not to the group as a whole. If it goes ahead, it would cut 5% of the 63,000 employees they have on the workforce, 3% compared to the 90,000 it employs throughout the group.

The voluntary termination plan is intended for the entire staff with a permanent contract of the company. Of the 3,000 casualties, 2,500 are intended for personnel working in stores, while the remaining 500 would be for their corporate services.

Sources close to the situation between the company and the workers point to ABC that starting tomorrow the negotiating table will be formed. This will establish the conditions of the voluntary plan. Once the negotiations begin, it will be framed within the formula of the legislation that best suits what is decided. In fact, it is not ruled out that the ERE formula will end up being adopted.

“The objective is to adapt to new circumstances and adapt the needs of the company to current needs,” explain sources close to the company. Since the pandemic began, the commercial division has been the most affected, especially the Travel part.

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