El Corte Inglés and the unions maintain distant positions on the workforce adjustment plan

In its workforce adjustment plan, El Corte Inglés maintains its proposal to the unions for compensation for departures, both voluntary and forced, of 25 days with a maximum limit of 15 monthly payments, and opens the departure voluntarily to all staff , as reported by the unions after the fifth meeting of the negotiating table.

The large distribution employers propose a wage freeze for the 230,000 workers in the sector

The large distribution employers propose a wage freeze for the 230,000 workers in the sector

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Specifically, the maintenance of the proposal made at the end of last week by the management of the Spanish distribution giant continues to be "far from reality" for the unions CCOO, Fetico, Fasga and UGT. However, the union representation has lowered its claims in a new proposal by changing the compensation from 36 to 33 days, with a maximum of 24 monthly payments.

Regarding voluntary departures, El Corte Inglés additionally offers exit bonuses for voluntary staff members that range from 2,000 euros to 6,000 euros, depending on their salary.

In this way, the company has recalled that the groups that can voluntarily adhere to this departure plan are all company personnel, regardless of whether or not their area or center is affected by the reorganization.

However, the unions have asked the management that the premiums for voluntary terminations be 8% of salary for those 0 to 5 years old, with a minimum of 3,000 euros, for those between 6 and 10 years old, a 12%, with a minimum of 6,000 euros; while for those aged 11 to 15 it is 15% of the salary, with a minimum of 9,000 euros, and those over 15 years of age, 20% of the salary, with a minimum of 12,000 euros.

On the other hand, El Corte Inglés has proposed to the unions the reduction of 5% of forced victims on the initial proposal in the event that the number of volunteers is not reached, compared to the proposal of the representation of the workers who ask that this be 15% so that the final amount is 85% of the initial proposal.

In this way, the unions have not accepted a proposal "so low and far from reality" regarding article 51 of the Workers' Statute, while they consider that the proposal is "ridiculous and out of the market." "Our goal is that most of these departures are voluntary," they have stressed.


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