El Corte Inglés agrees with the unions a new system of incentives for its vendors

The almost 40,000 employees of El Corte Inglés who are dedicated to commercial work will have a new incentive system from next January 1, which the company has agreed on Monday with the representatives of the workforce.

Mutua Madrileña buys 8% of El Corte Inglés and takes over most of its insurance subsidiaries for 1,100 million

Mutua Madrileña buys 8% of El Corte Inglés and takes over most of its insurance subsidiaries for 1,100 million

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The agreement has been sealed by the Negotiating Commission of the Incentive System of the department store group, in which the Fasga, Fetico, UGT and CCOO unions are present.

These organizations affirm that the new model is "simpler, transparent and motivating". The The previous incentive system dated from 2014 and was criticized by the staff, for being considered "opaque, complex and unfair", by establishing differences in the premium model depending on where the establishment where the work was located was located.

Monthly and for everything that is sold

The new system will be charged on a monthly basis, and not annually, as claimed by the union representatives, and will be received by the entire workforce dedicated to commercial tasks - practically 50% of the employees of the distribution group - regardless of the work they perform.

Regarding the characteristics, it eliminates a minimum volume of sales to be able to receive the incentives, but it will be charged for all the sales that are made. In addition, according to the unions, the types of incentives are reduced from "713 to only 16, which makes a more reliable, clear and stable system".

Yes, five progressivity sections are incorporated, "which will add to the incentive generated. From 10 to 150 euros of commission more per month, encouraging that if stages of more collection of incentives are covered, the worker will find economic rewards", according to the representatives union.

On the other hand, activities that have not been included until now are incorporated into this incentive system, such as the prepared dishes areas or the Gourmet Club; and a commission is created to monitor the agreement.

The four unions present at the negotiating table affirm that "this new incentive system represents a great advance for the working conditions of the workers of El Corte Inglés, which will result in their commitment and motivation and, therefore, in the attention and customer shopping experience ".


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