April 10, 2021

El Cid rides again … modernized

El Cid rides again ... modernized

It was the icing that was missing to garnish an appetizing cake. The figure of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, the Cid, has given to an abundant imagery, above all, literary. Until a series of animation in the 80s that spoke of the childhood of the champion, a boy who already pointed out challenging ways, not to mention his personification in the skin of Charlton Heston, who marked with his angular and sharp face to the Cid. It was 1961 and in the Bronston studios, a high-rise film factory that was just outside of Madrid, the film directed by Anthony Mann was filmed, at that golden age, yes, golden, recently divorced from a beautiful Sara Montiel. It was filmed in Spain and on horseback he walked through dusty fields. And won, as dictated by popular tradition, a battle after death on the back of the aforementioned horse. Amazon Prime Video, which does not stitch without thread, has just announced that it will take the life of Díaz de Vivar to television. Luis Arranz and Adolfo Martínez are at the forefront of this new version that will "from a contemporary perspective, the most famous Spanish life in history, a man caught between two worlds and two cultures. A nobleman, a hero, a mercenary, a vassal … but also a man who could have been king ", they advance with a dropper. «Contemporary Perspective», they write. What version of the warrior will we see? Let's not get ahead of ourselves, which will start shooting this year and will be released in more than 200 countries. It seems as if they had been blown in the ear, short but with enough energy, that historical productions enjoy a faithful audience, that our heroes (with "contemporary perspective" or without it) are, after all, proud patriotic And to mount a fiction that is not medium-haired needs the support behind a platform like the one that has embarked on the project. The road is opened by the champion, that is, expert in pitched battles, and who knows if the path will be traveled in the future by Blas de Lezo, regardless of the fiction that Enrique Cerezo wants to put up. Perhaps everything is reduced to something as simple and simple as that we are lacking, orphans or needy heroes. Hopefully at this point the Cid will not hang the sambenito – even if someone has already fallen into temptation – that he was a warrior right, who was born, lived and died in the middle of the eleventh century, let's not be crafty. Anyway, go back riding again and we can not help but congratulate ourselves for it. And for our History.


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