‘El Cid’ returns with a bloodier second season

Jaime Lorente, the second season of & # 039; El Cid & # 039 ;.

Jaime Lorente, the second season of ‘El Cid’.

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar He is one of the great heroes in the history of Spain for his role in the Reconquest, whose life inspired the most important deed song in national literature, the ‘Cantar del mio Cid’. Amazon Prime Video He wanted to recover his figure by enhancing his human side over his military achievements in a series that began its journey when the protagonist was just a simple squire, the young Ruy, and now he continues to investigate his personal conflicts in a second season that arrives this Thursday July 15 bloodiest, with a greater folkloric depth and with a fierce fratricidal fight by the crown as a backdrop.

The trigger for all the tensions in the court of Burgos is the decision taken by King Fernando I the Great just before dying at the end of the previous installment, by dividing his territories between his five children. The cast generates an earthquake between Alfonso (Jaime Olías) and Sancho (Francisco Ortiz), which will force the rest of his brothers, Urraca (Alicia sanz), Garcia (Nicolas Illoro) and Elvira (Lucia Diez), as well as Ruy (Jaime Lorente). “At last he begins to realize that there are other values ​​in life equal to or more important than loyalty”, advances the actor of ‘The paper house’ about a character that has allowed him to rediscover a figure that he considers to have been “manipulated by many political interests”. “The series tells very well how many times, as a result of fear, the worst of the human being is born”, emphasizes Olías.

Battles take on a special role in the five episodes that make up this second season, with elaborate fighting sequences, and the palace intrigues of this species are enlivened that aspires to be the ‘Game of Thrones’ in the Spanish style, but with a historical basis. Behind the conspiracies is always Urraca, the king’s eldest daughter who sees how her brothers have taken the best part of the loot just “for wearing a flap between their legs”, as she so graphically defines it in the series.

“In this second season, Urraca’s relationship with her mother is better explained, what she has felt since she was little, why she has that character, and we see her most vulnerable part,” explains the actress who plays her, who claims series such as’ El Cid ‘for “give women space that have made history. “” At last we have a project that shows that there are women who have changed the destiny of the kingdoms of Spain, “he adds. Sarah perles, which gives life to the impetuous Amina, an Arab princess who aspires to conquer Ruy and who is inspired by both a medieval poet and the future wife of Alfonso VI.

Between combats and intrigues there is also room for Ruy’s sentimental affairs with Amina (whose sequences together put the spicy notes to the series) and Jimena (Lucia Guerrero), his future wife and with much more chaste scenes. But the most striking relationship is the one that arises between García and Nuño (Alvaro Rico), being a series set in the eleventh century. “An emotional composition comes into play, almost of sexual discovery of the two characters, which gives another dimension to this story”, underlines the actor who played Polo in ‘Elite’ about his role in a series that, seeing the extensive trajectory of deeds of the Cid, could have many more seasons. “I would be delighted”, confesses its protagonist, who next September will say goodbye to the character that has made him famous worldwide, the rude robber in love with ‘The Money Heist‘.


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