"El Chapo" is excited to see his twin daughters at the trial in New York

"El Chapo" is excited to see his twin daughters at the trial in New York

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán was thrilled during today's session of trial in New York for drug trafficking when he realized that his twin daughters had come to see him, along with his wife Emma Coronel, in what is the last session of the process until next January 3.

Upon entering the room, "El Chapo" saw his daughters, stood and greeted them as he entered and, when he began to kiss them, a policeman stood in front of him and told him not to do so, according to local media reports.

The two girls were dressed in white coats, jeans and a black bow in their hair, and were accompanied at all times by their mother, Emma Coronel, who had already been on other occasions in federal court in Brooklyn following the trial.

"El Chapo" asked the judge to hug his wife, which was denied a second time, alleging security reasons.

The jury could appreciate the affectionate exchanges between father and daughters. The girls are expected to come to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan tomorrow, Friday, where the drug lord has been detained for almost two years, to visit him.

The twins are the only ones who can visit him in the prison, though through a plastic screen and without any physical contact.

On the other hand, the judge sanctioned the Chapo Guzmán defense team with an electronic ban after a review detected the banned use of a cell phone by the wife of the accused.

Brooklyn District Court Judge Brian Cogan sanctioned lawyers in a ruling focused on federal court restrictions on electronic devices, as well as special security measures imposed on Guzmán, a person who twice escaped from jails mexican

According to the defense, today's hearing is the last of this year and the process will resume after Christmas and New Year, specifically on January 3.


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