'El Canto del Loco' brings together all their studio albums in the 'Aquellos Años Locos' box - La Provincia

'El Canto del Loco' brings together all their studio albums in the 'Aquellos Años Locos' box - La Provincia

'The crazy's song' gather all your studio records in the box 'Those Crazy Years'. His five studio albums plus the first model recorded by the first formation, gathered in a box in CD format and vinyl format, on November 16 for sale.

The Madrid group revolutionized the music that was made in our country at the beginning of the last decade, with a career that it would lead them to sell more than two million copies of their works.

Now they turn 18 years of that first studio album produced by Alejo Stivel and, as a celebration of the coming of age of that premiere, the compilation 'Those crazy years' allows you to review the albums of your career.

Available from next November 16, 'Los años locos' includes 'El canto del loco', 'A contracorriente', 'Moods', 'Zapatillas', 'Personas' and 'Primera moqueta', all this on CD as in 180 gr vinyl in full color.

His entire repertoire is, therefore, collected in a set that serves as a tribute to a group that wove its history between meetings, family ties, coincidences and a good number of faithful followers from the classrooms.

ECDL was created in 1994 by Dani Martín as a singer Iván Ganchegui on guitar, soon backed by guitarist David Otero, all of them influenced mainly by other Spanish groups of the eighties.

More than 120 concerts and 80,000 albums sold with their first album they were a shocking premiere, but in 'A Contracorriente' (2002) they took another step more firmly with a work full of good songs and an excellent production by Nigel Walker.

Then come 'States of mind', 'Zapatillas' and 'People', among several changes of training and numerous awards, which certify the importance that 'El Canto' has had in Spanish music. Two 'MTV Music Awards', two' Ondas', eight '40 Principales' and two 'Premios de la Música' are some of the recognitions obtained by the Madrid band, which prolonged his career until in 2010 its members decided to put an end to their joint career.


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