El Calero denounces the person who tried to assault a referee - La Provincia

The CD Calero has not remained with his arms crossed after the serious incident recorded on Saturday in the field of El Doctoral when a person, father of a player, tried to attack the referee of the San Pedro Mártir-Calero Benjamin match after insulting him and threaten him.

That moment was captured in a video and is the main evidence against this individual, who has been identified and denounced before the Civil Guard of Neighborhood, management that was carried out yesterday and that has been the first step for this person to be sanctioned and cannot enter any sports venue, especially the municipal field of El Calero, where it was known and had limited access.

The management board that provisionally heads Marco González Tavío, who also serves as sports director, met last night with the parents of the players of the preferential Benjamin team and was informed of the measures they were going to take after what happened on Saturday, including that The player whose father starred in the incident was still in the club, although to try to soften this delicate matter he will continue playing for a while in another team of this popular and modest chain, in which about 160 players are signed.

"We are taking legal action against this person that we have already identified and we were the first to initiate the proceedings. We are available to the different organizations and we plan to go today to the Las Palmas Football Federation to present our allegations on this incident to the referee collected in the minutes and apologize for everything that happened. Our intention is to disable it so that it can not enter our facility anymore and we hope that the Sports Law will be applied and there will be less energy in football, "said Marco Gonzalez last night.

On the other hand, the club highlighted the attitude of coach Cristo who "with his courage and good work he avoided only major evils and stopped the action" when that spectator jumped a fence that delimits the changing area in the soccer field of El Doctoral with the intention of assaulting the referee Manuel Padrón, who later reflected in the minutes of the match the different insults that he was given and the incident that occurred at the end of this meeting of the Benjamin category.


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