July 9, 2020

«El Burgos is a sleeping giant»

With 24 years, Franco Caselli, hopes to return the whole of Second B "to the place it deserves"

This Monday Franco Caselli became the youngest president of Spanish football, a day before his 24th birthday. His family arrived in Burgos, from Argentina, as a maximum shareholder six months ago, so this appointment has not fallen by surprise. «My presidency began to take shape days ago, but I was surprised by the unanimity», recognizes Franco, who was elected without null votes or abstentions by about 500 shareholders. His father Antonio Caselli, who has been pursuing the presidency of the River Plate for years, owns 87% of the Burgos club. He was also ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta.

The young Argentine president, who replaces Jesús Martínez Nogal in office, values ​​his appointment as "an opportunity to encourage young people to get involved and persevere in projects they are passionate about." Franco will reconcile his new position with that of CEO, which he already held.

His family's company had long considered investing in a Spanish sports entity and after considering different options, they decided that Burgos was the ideal destination to develop their management model: «At no time did we come to make money, we have business in other sectors. What made us convince ourselves by this club was his hobby, his passion reminds me a lot of my country. "Therefore, one of our first measures has been to reduce the price of fertilizers up to 70%," he adds.

According to Caselli, this business model has given immediate results, passing in just one season from 1,000 to 8,000 subscribers. “These types of clubs carry a great risk. The stadium is very large (12,000 locations) and if not managed well it can become a source of losses. But the fans are as excited as we are and they are responding wonderfully to the project ». A thousand Burgos moved to Logroño three days ago of the Second B.

The project is really ambitious. Franco does not hide his intention to ascend to Burgos to Second Division and is not even impressed with the idea that one day he will dispute the highest category: «I am here to return Burgos to the place it deserves. He is a sleeping giant. By mass of hobby and infrastructure should be in a higher category ». This same summer he showed these intentions with incorporations such as those of Toché or the Argentine Pisculichi. It promises to continue investing in exciting players that allow the club to grow.

Despite the responsibilities he already exercises, this young man of 24 years does not stop enjoying his passion: «We must never lose the fan we have inside. I saw the first game with the animation stand ».

Although he states that his heart is already black and white, he does not forget the other club of his life, the River Plate: "It still hurts me to remember," he acknowledges about the painful defeat at the last minute in the final of the Liberators against Flamengo. His idol, Leo Messi: «I'm looking forward to a trip near Barcelona to see you at the Camp Nou. I am surrendered at his feet ».

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