El Bara seeks to negotiate a salary reduction with footballers – La Provincia

The FC Barcelona you are like all the companies in the world right now: trying to make facing the damages of a pandemic that is savagely boosting the entity’s economy. The budgets have been shattered, the 1,047 million of income foreseen for this campaign have moved away at turbo speed, the liquid has stopped entering even a giant like Barça, and its leaders have been trying for days to hit with measures palliative.

The board of directors met this Friday telematically to discuss possible scenarios and first steps before the foreseeable economic affectations, that will be enormous, in particular if the League and Champions are not completed. The managers listened to the ideas that emerged after the meetings held these past days by the club executives with the different departments and the exchanges within the top leadership.

One of the measures that the club plans is to reduce the footballer’s salary and not an ERTE (Temporary Employment Regulation File), although it was on the table. The desire of the leaders is negotiate with them and the coaching staff this end for next week. The measure has become unavoidable, according to sources from the directive, given the seriousness of the situation and that could even jeopardize the continuity of the same entity.

Vertigo situation

With a huge wage bill for athletes of 642 million, 507 of them for the football squad, and the practically dry income, the management, with Josep Maria Bartomeu and the CEO Òscar Grau at the head, have brought this salary reduction to the table at this midday meeting. Suffering the impact of the ERTE thousands of employees in the country, the soccer players, the highest paid in society, could not be affected.

Bartomeu I would prefer not to take the measure individually and seek complicity and a unitary stance of all the clubs in LaLiga and Europe, immersed in a situation of vertigo similar to that of Barcelona. He has been in contact with them for days. It will also look for the UEFA alliance and, in this sense, a meeting that will take place on Monday with all these parties seems to be decisive to all go together. Therefore, ERTES and salary reductions are looming in Spanish soccer and world soccer while the coronavirus keeps competitions paralyzed.

The pandemic, in fact, will surely transform the entire sports industry, in particular football’s multi-million dollar bubble. Gigantic wages and obscene transfers will go on hiatus for a long time, until clubs like Barça can channel their economies. There will be many entities that will go into debt, something that in the Catalan case is prohibited by statutes. The directive must use the historical exception to avoid the penalties established by the entity.

There is no income from tickets, nor from television, nor from the museum and t-shirts are not sold in the entity’s stores. Some sponsorships do not go through the box. All of them are vast sources of money that now do not give a drop.


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