June 18, 2021

El Bara resists and sinks in the last four minutes – La Provincia

El Bara resists and sinks in the last four minutes - La Provincia

The Barça Lassa has lost this Friday to the Fenerbahçe Beko Istanbul (88-82) at the Ulker Sports and Event Hall and he could not give a surprise that he had close to him, which he grazed when he dominated the opponent a good part of the match, but finally the Turkish fief still undefeated thanks to the performance of Kostas Sloukas and the sinking of the Blaugranas, who lost Pesic from the start, in the last partial.

Nobody has won the Fenerbahçe in the Ulker and Barça Lassa was close to achieving the goal. The blaugranas, who saw how they ejected Pesic in the first minute, played a great game and came to be 13 points ahead, maintaining a comfortable income in the second and third quarter. But the 36-21 of the fourth act was lethal.

The dolls failed in attack, there were key actions as unsportsmanlike against Seraphin or Ribas and incomprehensible failures in both baskets, and that It would have been an excellent meeting He stayed in very good, puncturing at the crucial moment to go with a second consecutive defeat of Istanbul, after the one of the last day against Anadolu Efes.

Of the moments in which the Barça could have changed the final result, perhaps highlights the double failure of Thomas Heurtel and Ante Tomic after catching the offensive rebound with 69-76 on the scoreboard, then from there was passed on the other side of the track to a triple of Mahmutoglu, who also appeared at the end to second the triumph as squire of Sloukas. After that action they approached on the scoreboard and Sloukas, after turning it around, already celebrated it knowing that the match was his.

The Blaugrana team had to deal with the early expulsion of their coach, Svetislav Pesic, who got on the track and stopped the Lithuanian referee Vilius to protest energetically a possible foul on Blazic not whistled. This served as an emotional catapult to a Barça Lassa who was very serious, together, playing one on one to the powerful Fenerbahçe and submitting him.

Despite Ali Muhammed, despite Luigi Datome, despite a Jan Vesely who canceled and dried, Barça Lassa endured the guy with spades. Fenerbahçe lost his lead in the 35-33 of the second quarter and did not recover it until 79-77 with less than two minutes remaining. Then, Sloukas was already 'on fire' and lit with him to the stands, who breathed a sigh of relief that this Friday would not be the day they lost at home.

Al Barça surely it will be enough to win all three matches at the Palau Blaugrana to be fifth, but this defeat, which smelled of moral victory for a long time, could hurt now. Maybe even more than a clear stumble. The pulse ended with that 88-82 in the battle of the free throws, but Barça Lassa was much closer to the triumph in reality. And, back at the Palau, you should use the good you did in this game to win and get back on the positive path.

Data sheet

  • 88-Fenerbahçe Beko Istanbul: Muhammed (19), Green (-), Duverioglu (2), Kalinic (4), Melli (13) – initial five -; Mahmutoglu (8), Sloukas (22), Guduric (5), Vesely (4), Datome (11).
  • 82-Barça Lassa: Heurtel (7), Ribas (9), Blazic (15), Oriola (2), Tomic (12) –cinco inicial–; Seraphin (2), Pangos (2), Singleton (12), Kuric (11), Claver (10).
  • Partial: 16-23, 21-15, 15-23 and 36-21.
  • Referees: Lamonica (ITA), Radovic (CRO) and Vilius (LIT). They eliminated Vesely and Guduric in the Fenerbahçe. They expelled the coach of Barça Lassa, Svetislav Pesic.
  • Pavilion: Ulker Sports and Event Hall, 12,628 spectators.


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