December 3, 2020

“Either you digitize or you disappear”



This Tuesday ABC and have organized a digital meeting where they have brought together some of the most important professionals in the real estate sector to discuss the keys to the digital transformation that the sector has had to carry out, driven by the consequences of the pandemic. Under the name “The digitization of the real estate sector”, the event has been followed live by streaming on and the users of social networks have been able to send their questions to the speakers with the haghstag #ForoABCPisos.

Ferran font, director of studies at, has moderated this debate in which he began by interviewing the expert in marketing and digital transformation and CEO of Tekdi, Juan Merodio, to later put on the table the same questions about digitization to the invited experts. In this way they have participated Javier de Pablo, Director of BidX1 Spain; Axel Costa Meneses, VP Investments of Casavo; Roberto Polanco, Gilmar Marketing Director; Antonio Aviles Valdueza, CEO of Mikeli, and Paco Campos, Head of Real Estate at Anticipa Real Estate.

Among other issues, there has been a debate on the essential tools to adapt to the digital environment, as well as the reception they have had by the plaintiff in recent months. Also on the way in which the sector is seeking to streamline the process of buy and sell and the “next” possibility of making payments one hundred percent online.

On this last issue, Merodio emphasized that the short-term future is not to be able to carry out this type of transaction, “but to agree to the sale of a home with a lower figure” so that when making the payment of a small amount, this remains blocked for the client until he contributes the rest of the amount. Meanwhile, Antonio Avilés, president of the Cantabrian real estate company specialized in luxury homes, Mikeli, has insisted on the idea of strengthen the brand of the entity to generate the necessary security in the buyer and “that one day he trusts in doing these operations online”.

In this sense, Roberto Polanco, has highlighted tools such as the digital signature “that already exist and that can help to shorten the times in operations.” For his part, Axel Costa, VP investments of the «Instant Buyer», Casavo, assured that his company, -specialized in the purchase of housing in less than 30 days- is already approaching this reality and that his only physical obstacle is «the signature before a notary. He also stated that the technology Blockchain, will end up making these online transactions more secure, with which they will be able to “respond to the demand of the new generations who are already crying out for a digital purchasing process in this area as well.”

Digitize or die

“Digitization is adapting to the digital reality of the market. They have put us in a scenario that was going to arrive in three years, but the pandemic has accelerated it, “said Juan Merodio. And it is that the real estate sector was one of the fastest had to respond to this new reality. With the lockdownThe inability of the client to travel to make the visits, managed to trigger the digital investment of these companies, which saw their business in danger due to the stoppage. Along these lines, Polanco praised Gilmar’s response, which improved its “online experience” by offering 360º virtual tours and making a virtual decoration service (home staging) available to users, with which the client could observe the combinative possibilities of the House.

For its part, Mikeli, specialized in luxury homes, went one step further and implemented the assisted virtual visits, in which “it is the same vendor who interacts with the customer and is serving the user one hundred percent online”, explained its CEO Antonio Avilés. In this sense, Campos assured that Anticipa Real Estate had already implemented this system “for the digital vocation” with which the entity was founded. Javier de Pablo also expressed the importance of these tools today and highlighted the possibilities that Bidx1, auction market place of houses, gives to his clients and assured that during the confinement they obtained “two million in sales of assets, even with buyers who had not previously visited the house.”

Social networks, essential

«Social networks capture data from everything we talk about. They segment it so that users can find just what they are looking for. So you have to use these tools to be able to reach customers in a more personalized way, “said Merodio. Something that the experts agreed on, who consider these instruments essential as part of a “good” communication strategy.

“We have to adapt our companies to a new way of communicating. We have once again had many people who want to visit the properties again, but what we cannot ignore is that digital ecosystem. We have to further personalize the needs of our customers, “said Polanco, who insisted that the key is to” focus the tools on the customer experience. ” In this way, he pointed out automation as an essential instrument to be able to interact with buyers and thus better understand their needs.

In addition, the speakers reiterated the need to train their workers in this entire process of digitization. In this sense, Paco Campos confirmed “that this transformation is useless if you do not have the talent to define it”, while Avilés pointed out this fact as one of the main complications that his company has suffered. «You can give the means, the guidelines, but it is the salespeople and commercials who have to adapt. It is the way to go, there is no alternative to digitization. Either you digitize or you disappear, ”said Mikeli’s CEO.

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