May 16, 2021

Eighth of the Cup: Valverde: "This eleven was the best we could do" | sports

Eighth of the Cup: Valverde: "This eleven was the best we could do" | sports

By his words it could be deduced that someone could have believed during the course of the night that Ernesto Valverde was planted in the Ciutat de València having left at home the desire to win and the responsibility that corresponds to his position. "Our intention was not to lose today," he said, in response to the unbelieving assumptions.

Probably, he answered without being asked at that particular moment by the line-up arranged in the first leg of the Round of the Cup. With two homegrown players and a rookie like Murillo to defend the Barca goal. With a Busquets farther away than ever from the center of the field, with the task of "helping" the rookies "at the start of the ball"; something that, the coach said, had already been done days ago and "had gone well."

Did you risk too much? They asked him. "I do not know", the Barça coach started. "At the time of making the eleven I thought it was the best we could do considering that we have a return game and, at the same time, we could try some players in certain matches that are in the First Division. I know it's a risk, "he explained.

Murillo himself, arrived in Barcelona at the end of December, assumed that he was still joining the team. And he certified that the defeat makes him stay with "a bit bittersweet taste" on the day of his premiere: "The result is not the best. Now, we must take advantage at home to Philippe's goal, "he said. "Murillo has made a good match, has experience and knows how to face these situations in the field," Valverde defended.

Barça was constantly exposed to the contras of Paco López's team. "We have had opportunities to close the gap in the first half, but the ones that they have materialized for us have not entered us. We have not been very thin in the first time; and, by not converting, in the second half we had to play higher. They, on the other hand, could be entrusted to the contras ", summarized the coach.

"We have put ourselves with the adverse marker too early; We were falling in what suited them: to put the game very vertical; and when they stole the ball, they put us in danger. " Fortunately, added Valverde, "Denis' play has allowed us to make this goal that makes the tie more open."

In addition, certified that the club has great expectations put in the Cup for much that the lineup, he assumed, would have been conditioned by the fact of playing two games, "obviously." And, surely, it will not be the same team that will play the match at the Camp Nou: "We will see what we do for the return. We are very excited in this Cup and we want to pass. "

The ownership of Philippe

Asked about the situation of Coutinho, especially after the statements of the head coach, Jon Aspiazu-Coutinho is not at the level of last season, Dembélé has passed a little over, "he said, the Txingurri assumed that he was asking so many days ago by Dembélé, habitual holder in the last matches, as it is done now by the Brazilian, who returned to eleven on Thursday. And, although with many detours, he explained that the answer is not very different in this case. "When I was not playing Dembélé everybody was asking me about Dembélé. Now that Dembélé plays, but not Coutinho, it's the same but in reverse. What the players have to do is work to reverse the situation, fight to be in the eleven. "

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