June 15, 2021

Eighth of the Cup: Chumi eclipses Dembélé and Barça's pass against Levante | sports

Eighth of the Cup: Chumi eclipses Dembélé and Barça's pass against Levante | sports

The continuity of Barça in the Copa del Rey depends on Levante after Levante was eliminated in the second round by Barça because an absent footballer by the name of Chumi it was more protagonist than the present Dembélé.

The Cup has always been a very unique competition because it is played both on the court and in the offices, terrain for the epic of small teams, or that can not win the League, and a bureaucratic puzzle for the big clubs like Madrid and Barça, whose coaches are seen and are wishing to match the alignments by the conditions of the RFEF regulations. The jurists are invited to snoop on the cards of the parties because very occasionally there are those who commit a negligence, a delegate who is clueless or a coach who does not mix well the share of players of the subsidiary with those of the first team, a seemingly innocent error caused by the rotations and that can lead to the expulsion of the offender, a threat that now weighs on Barça for putting Chumi in the Ciutat de València.

Barcelona, ​​3; Lift, 0

Barcelona: Cillessen; Semedo, Murillo, Lenglet, Alba (Sergi Roberto, m.74); Rakitic, Vidal, Arthur; Coutinho (Luis Suárez, 63), Messi and Dembélé (Denis, m.77). Not used: Ter Stegen; Piqué, Busquets and Aleñá.

I raised: Aitor; Cabaco, Pier, Postigo (Jason, m.71); Coke, Prcic, Campaign (Doukouré, m.68), Moses; Borja Mayoral (Dwamena, m.161), Bardhi and Boateng. Not used Vegas; Toño, Morales, and P. López.

Goals: 1-0. M. 30. Dembélé. 2-0. M. 31. Dembélé. 3-0. M. 54. Messi.

Referee: Sánchez Martínez He admonished Postigo, Rakitic, Murillo, Cabaco and Prcic. Referee of the VAR: Del Cerro Grande.

Camp Nou. 42,838 spectators

A week after the game, a journalist from The world discovered that the center of Barca B could not play and therefore the Barcelona fell into an improper lineup, news that surprised the Levante itself and raises an interesting lawsuit that also serves to check the level of influence of clubs and the power struggle in the sports administrations. Nobody knows right now if the comeback that signed Barcelona will serve to defend his crown and status as king of the tournament: 30 titles, four in a row, and 22 qualifiers won consecutively from 2012-2013. Barcelonism is pending Galician Chumi or, if you will, Juan Brandáriz Movilla.

The fans stayed at home, more aware of the radio and the news from the Camp Nou, initially still and cold, just as frozen as poor Chumi. Valverde guarded Luis Suárez, Piqué, Busquets and Sergi Roberto and the team could not find the right rhythm for the needs of the night. to the deployment of Dembélé. The media struggled to connect with the strikers and Messi often lost the ball as a fake 9. The Rosario prefers to play catch, increasingly 10, player plenipotentiary of Barca.

The slowness of the azulgrana, little intense and nothing precise, allowed that the encounter turned around the Levant. Sometimes his pressure was high, sometimes picked up, always recognizable Paco López's squad, more placed and concentrated than Barcelona. Both teams seemed to be aware in any case that the luck of the round depended on a single goal and therefore it was not convenient to take risks: granota they could be worth it because they would force the opponent to score three and the Barça players were enough to overcome the 2-1 first leg at the Ciutat de València.

The few transitions of the Levant alternated for a while with the sporadic arrivals of Barça. The accelerations of Messi, however, they began to threaten Aitor Fernández. Nobody understood the Argentine better than Dembélé. The Frenchman threw two unmarked 10 and two goals fell in two minutes, both finished by the Levante goalkeeper. Messi's passes were as precise as they were bizarre, as were Dembélé's definitions. The leather finished in the net after giving in the hand and the foot of the goal Aitor.

The ball bounced in Dembelé after being stolen by Messi in the 1-0 and in the 2-0 the center of the French entered the goal pushed by Aitor. The goal was splendid later in several shots of Barça. Dembélé, Messi and Coutinho touched with their shots 3-0. The fragility of the Levant was overwhelming, broken by Messi's scalpel and the speed of Dembélé, excellent when he attacked the space, undetectable for the Cabaco, Postigo and Pier power plants.

Levante did not wake up and did not stop attacking Barça. The third goal fell very soon after a beautiful play: Dembélé deepened for Semedo and the center of the side was punched with the outside of the left foot by Messi before the exit of Aitor. Even with 3-0, Luis Suárez went to court while Paco López began to change with a view to the League. The game became very long, lacking in tension and interest, only encouraged by the careers of Boateng -remated the stick- and Dembélé and the dribbling of Denis Suarez, the redeemer in Valencia with the play of 2-1. Nobody doubted in any case the triumph of the Barça.

The team's response was categorical in the face of the threat of being excluded: it will not be by the scoreboard or by the game, but their fate depends on the Levante's appeal because Valverde, accused of not having the quarry, put Chumi, the center's subsidiary , in Orriols. This is how unpredictable the Cup is.

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