January 23, 2021

Eight wines from the supermarket for less than seven euros to start 2021 well

In recent months, we have tasted many wines from different supermarkets that are more or less close to all of us in most of the Spanish provinces to be able to choose those that we consider to have the best value for money and allow us to enjoy without leaving a fortune alone in the cellar section.

Eight Ribera del Duero supermarket wines for less than 15 euros

Eight Ribera del Duero supermarket wines for less than 15 euros

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As the price policy of supermarkets is something that not even the wineries themselves control and some charge more while others sometimes apply discounts, in some references we are forced to put an approximation so that no one is misled and we hope that meet your expectations.

1. Antina Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Headline: A very easy and refreshing white

Origin: sauvignon blanc from the Industria de Licores del Valle winery, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, from the Toledo area.

Description: as the varietal brand, it has aromas of white and tropical fruits and freshly mowed grass. It is a very easy target, very cool and pleasant. It is not one of those that you would give your life for them or anything from the other world, but it is a correct wine, made with the ideal acidity to drink a couple of bottles without knowing it.

Pairing: to drink it fresh, either alone or with appetizers, white fish, pasta, rice or chicken al ast.

Graduation: 12% Vol.

Price: 2.39 euros

Supermarket: Aldi

2. Adaras Village

Headline: A red with a touch of aging from a little recognized DO

Origin: 80% garnacha tintorera and 20% syrah from the Venta de la Vega winery, from the MGW group, from the DO Almansa.

Description: This organic and ecological red expresses very well the character of the vineyards of this area of ​​Albacete, to which are added the three months in the barrel, which allows to soften the intensity of the Grenache. Red and black fruits and an alcoholic aftertaste at the end that asks to air it an hour before drinking.

Pairing: with cheese goes very well.

Graduation: 13.5% Vol.

Price: we have seen it from 3 to 5.46 euros (depending on whether it has a discount).

Supermarkets: Lidl

3. Martín Berasategui Special Selection Edition

Headline: a gastronomic red wine for a very low price

Origin: Cabernet Sauvignon from DO Navarra made by Martín Berasategui’s team of sommeliers together with the oenological team of the Familia Velasco wine group.

Description: the color already announces that in the mouth it will be a very powerful and fruity red, it enters with great force at first, it is even a little scary because of so much intensity, but later, thanks to the aging, it leaves a very pleasant aftertaste.

Pairing: it is perfect to eat with red meat.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 4.56 euros

Supermarkets: To field

4. Imus Selection

Headline: A red that stands up to comparison

Origin: Cariñena and Garnacha from the Falset Marçà Cooperative, DO Montsant.

Description: A very important piece of information about this note is that we came directly from tasting (a little bit) another that was worth three times and, it simply tasted spectacular. But, objectively, it is rich, it tastes like fresh red fruits, zero acid, very pleasant … Of those that you do not understand how they can be worth so little.

Pairing: a scrambled eggs with blood sausage with a camembert or brie-type cheese, which is worth less than two euros in the supermarket, can make you happy.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 4.15 euros

Supermarkets: Bon Preu

5. Raimat Castell Chardonnay 2019

Headline: A lifelong classic that everyone likes

Origin: Chardonnay from the DO Costers del Segre, from the Codorniu group.

Description: This white is a classic from the 70s, very representative of the Chardonnay variety in Catalonia, due to its aromatic depth with citric touches, which also survive in the mouth, where it enters glyceric, round and smooth with a certain aftertaste of tropical fruit.

Pairing: with salad, paella or fideuá, idyllic.

Graduation: 13% Vol.

Price: less than 7 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour, El Corte Inglés

6. Fincas del Lebrel 2017

Headline: An ideal wine for decanter

Origin: Tempranillo grape from Bodegas y Viñedos Casado Morales, from DO Rioja.

Description: a reserve that screams to open it half an hour before and, if possible, decant it first, so that the genie of the lamp comes out, because it has 14 months in the barrel and six in the bottle. But then it opens and all its nuances appear. If you like intense Riojas, this may be your option.

Pairing: it is recommended to soak with a good roast meat and follow with a black garlic cheese, for example.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 6.99 euros

Supermarkets: Lidl.

7. Mencía menu 2015

Headline: A wine that will taste like violets

Origin: Mencía de Soto del Vicario, the Pago del Vicario winery in the DO Bierzo

Description: it is a well-structured wine, with aromas of liquorice, cocoa and vanilla, like a wild one, with an evident presence of violets, fruits of the forest such as blackberries and raspberries, but with a certain aftertaste of dulce de leche crepe that transpires the 12 months of cask.

Pairing: with game stews, ideal.

Graduation: 14.5% Vol.

Price: about 7 euros.

Supermarkets: Alcampo and El Corte Inglés.

8. Etim El viatge 2019

Headline: A vinazo that could cost twice as much

Origin: black garnacha, cariñena and syrah from the Falset Marça cooperative, from the DO Montsant.

Description: truly, this red with six months in the barrel is a journey of many generations towards new horizons that mark an agile wine, with the tannins in their right balance despite being powerful and complex. Lots of ripe black fruit, with Arabic spices.

Pairing: perfect for exotic spicy foods.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 6.95 euros.

Supermarket: Bonpreu- Esclat.

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