October 25, 2020

Eight tricks to save more than 75 euros a month when making the purchase in the supermarket

Eight tricks to save more than 75 euros a month when making the purchase in the supermarket


Saving on essential goods such as those that make up the super shopping basket is also possible. The place where we acquire the products, take advantage of the promotions that are worthwhile and make a list with what we really need, among other measures, can save up to 930 euros per year (77.5 euros per month), according to the portal Kelisto.es.

In this line, we review some of the most effective tricks so as not to overspend when filling the basket in the supermarket.

1. Resort to cheaper supermarkets. Choosing well the supermarket where we make the purchase can mean a saving of 947 euros a year, according to a study of the OCU conducted in 2018. Based on this analysis, we found that the cheapest chain is Supermarkets Dani, some establishments that are only implanted in some localities of Andalusia. At the national level, the one that offers the best price level is Alcampo – although it is 6% more expensive than Dani – followed by Mercadona and Carrefour.

2. Deck for seasonal products. Seasonal frescoes are usually cheaper than those sold outside of their time of natural harvesting. In the OCU consumer organization, they emphasize that seasonal products tend to have a better quality and, therefore, are also better for our health. Bulk foods are also cheaper because the customer saves packaging costs.

3. Compare the price per unit of measure. Buy at the supermarket Large format, family or savings is not always cheaper than the same product in a small packageor. Therefore, from the OCU advise that before putting the product in the cart compare its price per unit of measure (kilo, liter, per dose, per roll, etc), "which is a mandatory data" in order to better inform to the client.

4. Take advantage of offers. Kelisto experts recommend opting for promotions such as 3×2 and discounts as there are non-perishable products that can be stored in the pantry and consumed in later days. However, it is advisable to check that the discounts and promotions are real and check the previous and separate price of each item.

5. Eye with food «with last name». In the consumer organization, they assure that "with last name" foods tend to be more expensive. This includes all the products that on their labels add words such as "homemade", "artisanal", "eco", "bio", "traditional", "enriched" or "lightened".

6. Opt for white marks. The savings achieved by filling the basket with white label foods is remarkable, since Spanish families can save an average of 31%, according to the calculations of Tiendeo.com. The products in which you can find more price difference are beer (80%), meat products (61%) and water (38%).

7. Loyalty cards. In Kelisto stress that with the loyalty cards of the supermarkets you can access discount vouchers (from 5% to 20%) and prices or special promotions.

8. Write a list. On the Preahorro.com website they advise that you make a list with the products that you really need and stick to it can save up to 25%, a percentage that translates into 100 euros per month.


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