August 5, 2021

Eight Spanish MEPs ask the Pope to intercede to avoid burying Franco in the Almudena

Eight Spanish MEPs ask the Pope to intercede to avoid burying Franco in the Almudena

Specifically, PSOE MEPs Clara Aguilera, PNV Izaskun Bilbao and BNG Ana Miranda, as well as ERC Euro MPs Jordi Solé and Josep María Terricabras, PDeCAT Ramón Tremosa, Podemos Miguel Urbán and ICV Ernest have taken this request. Urtasun.

This group of MEPs believes that the decision, in addition to constituting an affront to all victims, can cause the temple to become a center of pilgrimage of right-wing organizations, as is already the case with the Valley of the Fallen, as reported in a the press office of Izaskun Bilbao informed.

Thus, they request an interview with the Pope to ask him to mediate with the aim of "promoting a reflection and a change of attitude about what can be a new affront to thousands of families who have not received decades, according to the most prestigious institutions. international, the treatment they deserve on the part of the authorities ".

They also want to "ask for help" so that "a clearly erroneous decision is not consumed". In the opinion of these eight MEPs, it is a measure that "far from helping to close a black chapter of Spanish politics", can "reopen wounds, cause confrontations and turn a Catholic temple, in the heart of Madrid, into a place of pilgrimage for all European right-wingers. "

In the same line, they believe that the transfer of the remains of the dictator can transfer to the center of Madrid "activities of exaltation of the dictatorship and banalization of their crimes", as well as provoke confrontations with "peaceful citizens who reject outright the exaltation of the dictatorship".

Finally, they transfer to Pope Francisco that it would be "unthinkable" that the remains of Argentine dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, "ideologue of the flights of death" and "cover-up of the atrocities that were committed in the School of Mechanics of the Navy" found in the Holy Trinity of Buenos Aires.


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