Eight series that you probably did not see in 2018 ... and you should have seen | TV

Eight series that you probably did not see in 2018 ... and you should have seen | TV

With the amount of television production that there is and the time we have, it is impossible to see everything, or see even 10% of what there is. Neither everything that is worth it receives the attention or the resonance that it should for different reasons. In this compilation we only highlight eight series that, for some reasons or other, have deserved more repercussion than they had. Next to our top 20 best series of the year and the selection of great episodes, although we do not doubt that all of them are incomplete lists (and subjective, we remember), they serve as recommendations of what you are still in time to see in 2018 or what you could recover in 2019.

Derry Girls

Newly arrived in our lives, it is normal that there has been little impact for having premiered in the final stretch of the year (although its premiere on Channel 4 was in January). This short British comedy of six chapters of less than half an hour is centered in a group of friends (and the English cousin of one of them) of a city of Northern Ireland in the Nineties. The problems and follies of adolescence stand out in a fund of political, social and religious confrontation with constant attacks and extreme police surveillance. The wild humor characteristic of British comedies shines in this series with a musical selection that transports you automatically to the nineties.

Where can I see it? Fully available on Netflix.

Legends of Tomorrow Y Young Justice

Superheroes with a lot of mythology behind, but without any complex. Legends of Tomorrow he is not afraid of the purest fun, the pop references, the creative and structural follies (they are capable of confronting a stuffed animal against a giant dragon) and the unbridled sexuality of such charismatic characters as Laurel Lance or John Constantine. While, The young Justice League is one of these animated series that dares with the purest serialization and evolution of its characters, never repeating plots and burning arguments as if the world were going to end at every step. Two comics of pure superheroes made television.

Where can I see them? Legends of Tomorrow, weekly on HBO Spain, and The young Justice League, on Netflix.

Mr. Inbetween

Mixture of black comedy and drama focused on a hit man, Ray Shoesmith, and the juggling he has to do to maintain his personal life (father of a girl, divorced and seeking to rebuild his love life) and professional without both cross each other Although it seems the Australian answer to the American Barry (a hitman who discovers his interpretive vocation in an amateur theater group), Mr. Inbetween It has its own personality and is based on the great charisma of its protagonist, played by Scott Ryan. The only downside is that its first season only has six half-hour episodes that fly by.

Where can I see it? On HBO Spain.

Day to day

We complain a lot about the remakes and the lack of originality in fiction, but Day to day is the series that shows that when a fiction is updated to the times it can sometimes be right in everything. This classic comedy about the experiences of a family of Cuban origin not only makes us laugh as few, but it excites us touching thorny issues with a soul and a love that makes it easy to love. From divorce to post-traumatic depression, passing through Immigration and racism problems in the US and death. And everything with a live audience and a structure that could not be more classical. Like the best comedies, Day to day It is the best company.

Where can I see it? The first two seasons are on Netflix. The third premieres on February 8.

The other look

It is possibly the best Spanish series of 2018 issued in open that you have not seen and should. The story, set in a school for young ladies in Seville in the 20s, faced directly issues related to feminism. From the past, we reflect on the present through the students and teachers of this educational center and show that, although a lot of time has passed and many things have changed, others remain too much the same. Although it did not shine in audience, it has achieved a second chance and has been renewed for another season. Good thing, because now there are few series as necessary as this on Spanish TV.

Where can I see it? In the TVE website There are the 13 episodes of his first season.

Who is America

It's not totally fiction, we know, but Sacha Baron Cohen does interpret fictional characters, even if your guests did not know it. The humorist responsible for Borat, Brüno or Ali G returns to give a twist to his annoying and unfiltered humor to ridicule American politics and everything that surrounds it in times of extremism, hatred, racism and fake news. His characters make the worst of the interviewees, able to reach the most surreal places even in front of a camera. Nothing surprises anymore. If you can not make yourself laugh, at least the embarrassment of others will make you want the earth to swallow you. Of course, given the impossibility of repeating the experiment, there will be no second season. Or yes, but it would have to be completely secret.

Where can I see it? In Movistar +.

Sorry For Your Loss

Maybe you've heard about it but it's very possible that you have not seen it. The first big bet of Facebook Watch It is a drama centered on the mourning of a young widow very well played by Elizabeth Olsen. The story is told in two times, with the struggle to remake his life in the present and a look at the past that shows the relationship of the couple and the problems in life of the dead husband. A small, careful and painful drama that triggers emotions and that is a great exponent of the peak tv, with so much production that some small jewels are lost in the jungle and with countless different platforms and companies like Facebook or Apple launched to the original fiction production.

Where can I see it? On Facebook (enter your name in the search engine, go to your page and there are the 10 free half hour chapters in the original version with the possibility of subtitles in Spanish).

The Looming Tower

The book of The tower elevated It is immeasurable. In it, Lawrence Wright makes a detailed, but very personal, account of the origin of Al Qaeda, from the greatest detail, to its most fatal consequences in 9/11. But the series has decided, Given the conditions of serialization, take one of your most relevant stories to try to explain it without boring the audience. Thus, the story about how the rivalries between the CIA and the FBI did not help to avoid the attack on the Twin Towers becomes an exciting drama that, between great interpretations led by Jeff Daniels and various foci, makes us remember everything that does not We knew about one of the events we remember best. Because knowing the backstage, the story is better understood, and also the present.

Where can I see it? In Amazon Prime Video.


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