Eight Ribera del Duero supermarket wines for less than 15 euros

1. Celeste Roble 2019

Headline: The wine whose vineyard meets the sky

Five keys to distinguish a Rioja from a Ribera del Duero

Five keys to distinguish a Rioja from a Ribera del Duero

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Origin: A fine red variety from the high-altitude vineyards in the Campo de Peñafiel area and the town of Fompedraza (Valladolid), from the Pago del Cielo winery, owned by the Torres family.

Description: With the most select tempranillo from the vineyards located about 900 meters above sea level, this semi-aging is made with four months of aging, very fruity on the nose, vegetal and balsamic, which, even when young, is tasty, intense at the same time smooth and a very correct tannin. Its evolution, the Celeste Crianza 2017, which spends 12 months in barrels, is already a clear aspirant to the Payment Wines category, although Pago de Cielo still does not have official recognition.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 9.40 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour, El Corte Inglés and Hipercor.

2. Viña Sastre Roble 2019

Headline: Viña Sastre has a label that never disappoints

Origin: A 100% local ink from a 32-year-old vineyard from Bodegas Hermanos Sastre in La Horra, Burgos.

Description: Despite the fact that its simpler red, because the family winery bases its worldwide success on the exquisite and exclusive Regina Vides and Pesus, this red with a nine-month aging of American and French oak is more than adjusted to the price that it is worth and It tastes fruity, powerful on the palate, with a clear predominance of red fruits and well-tuned tannin from the wood.

Pairing: A cecina from Burgos, a escudella or a good stew will suit you like a glove.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 9.25 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour.

3. The first kiss 2019

Headline: A red that is not forgotten raised in concrete eggs

Origin: Tempranillo grape from the Valdemonjas winery in Quintanilla de Arriba, Valladolid.

Description: This organic wine is called El Primer Beso because it is one of those that you do not forget, cheerful and spontaneous, very perfumed and, from the first drink, notes that it enters very elegant in the mouth, with hints of plum and eucalyptus, tasty and rounded with Aged in small concrete eggs for more than six months. The design of the label is by Pati Núñez, National Design Award in 2007.

Pairing: With carpaccios of meat like the ones we recommend in this article.

Graduation: 13.5% Vol.

Price: 12.95 euros

Supermarkets: The English Court.

4. Payment of the Young Oak Chaplains 2019

Headline: Quality-price endorsed by a great brand

Origin: 100% Tempranillo from the Pago de los Capellanes Winery, in Pedrosa de Duero, Burgos.

Description: The aging is even better, but, for its price, this is, per se, a super-friendly wine that always meets the expectations created by the winery and will allow you to look good, both with your brother-in-law who knows everything, and with the father-in-law who does not want to leave the classics; and all this without scratching your pocket. In addition, the freshness of a not very old wine remains in the memory because it only has a semi-aging of five months, despite which it is recommended to decant it an hour before.

Pairing: Its virtue is that it is a generous wine with strong flavors, giving prominence to the food, which can be from a table of Iberian ham to a melted Leon black pudding.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 12.90 euros

Supermarkets: El Corte Inglés and Alcampo.

5. Portia Prima La Encina 2018

Headline: Bottled art that makes tempranillo exotic

Origin: Tempranillo by Bodegas Portia, an architectural icon designed by Foster and Partners that is well worth a wine tourism visit.

Description: This wine brings the Tempranillo grape to its maximum exotic expression by maturing it in oak barrels for a minimum of 13 months. From whose aging aromas of candied fruits, spices, roasted coffee and caramel come out, all of which is transmitted in the mouth, where it is exuberant and gives us a long and delicious finish, buttery and very enjoyable.

Pairing: Cheese board and a simple bread, which does not detract from the wine.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 14.45 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour.

6. Aster Crianza 2015

Headline: A red to everyone’s taste

Origin: 100% ink from the country of the Áster winery, in Anguix (Burgos).

Description: A soft, caramelized, spicy aging, with a certain touch of black cocoa, herbaceous on the nose, an expression of the intensity and elegance of the terroir and the Fuentecojo, Otero Joven and La Cueva plots that rise at an altitude of 780 meters. The 22-month aging in barrels is noticeable because it comes out balanced, alive and, curiously, light in its passage through the mouth, very easy to drink and pleasant for all palates.

Pairing: With a roasted lamb or suckling lamb or with game meat such as wild boar or deer.

Graduation: 14.5% Vol.

Price: 14.50 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour and Alcampo.

7. Antidote 2018

Headline: A different upbringing from terroir of Soria

Origin: 100% soriano red wine from Bodegas Antídoto, in the Ribera del Duero soriana.

Description: This tempranillo comes from a mosaic of 550 old vineyard plots, mainly from a terrace located in the municipality of Soto de San Esteban, at an altitude of 950 meters. The French Bertrand Sourdais has made a fantastic village wine to taste, a tempranillo with aromas of ripe fruit, bramble, broom and a light touch of wood for those 12 months in the barrel that give it liveliness; On the palate it is soft and velvety, like a tailor-made suit, spacious and refreshing, with an explosion of acidity and alcohol in a magical balance that asks you for another drink.

Pairing: With some Soriano lamb chops, sensational.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 14.90 euros

Supermarkets: The English Court.

8. Bardos Reserve 2016

Headline: A vinazo that pays tribute to the workers of the town

Origin: Tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon from Bodega Bardos, in the Páramo de Corcos.

Description: In the old vineyards of high altitude border areas of the Páramo de Corcos stands this winery that aims to pay tribute with its wines to the men and women who dedicate their lives to viticulture. We taste the Romántica Crianza, very jovial, and this Reserva, which we choose because it is a luxury at an unbeatable price. The 16 months in new French oak barrels are noticeable in the cherry color and aromatic complexity, but they do not cancel out the organoleptic characteristics of the tempranillo and the cabernet, but simply serve as a tool to mature the tannins, leaving a fruity wine, caressing and structured, nothing heavy.

Pairing: With a roquefort sirloin, delicious.

Graduation: 14.5% Vol.

Price: 14.95 euros

Supermarkets: El Corte Inglés, Hipercor and Carrefour.

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