Eight great whites for less than 12 euros for your Christmas dinners

Let us not lack the whites. But neither in summer nor at Christmas. There are still people who despise white winesas if they were inferior to the reds, but throughout life, in Spain and around the world, great white wines have been made and each time we taste them better, within all their grape varieties and different elaborations.

Five super Riojas to succeed in your Christmas without crushing your pocket

Five super Riojas to succeed in your Christmas without crushing your pocket

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Precisely thanks to these elaborations with aging on lees or in barrel, whites provide many more possible combinations for pairing with all kinds of foods, from classic seafood, white fish and meat, rice and pasta that go well with younger wines; to more robust stews and meats or blue fish that combine perfectly with the most aged due to their unctuousness and volume.

Here we wanted to do a selection of different styles, varieties and origins so that each one can choose according to their preferences and what they are going to put on the table this holidays.

1. Atlantis Albariño 2019

Headline: The albariño that we all like for Christmas

Origin: 100% albariño by Maetierra, DO Rías Baixas.

Description: the softness and balance provided by the Atlantic climate create a perfect tandem between freshness and acidity, creating a very pleasant soft, round, floral and mineral wine, a young white for all tastes, a sure hit in those dinners in which everything the world awaits an albariño.

Pairing: order an appetizer with mussels, clams, baby eels and cooked prawns.

Graduation: 12.5% ​​Vol.

Price: 8.50 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour.

2. Talk about yourself

Headline: A curious very tropical sauvignon blanc

Origin: sauvignon blanc from Bodegas Habla, in Extremadura.

Description: sometimes it is appreciated that the bottle already tells you that the wine has touches of asparagus, mango, tomato leaf and boxwood, which is a plant shaped like a bush. On the palate it is a clean white, very fresh, very tropical and somewhat citrusy, with a long aftertaste and that balanced acidity that makes you salivate and drink more. One of those whites who, in good company, can drop one bottle after another without realizing it because they ask for a long drink.

Pairing: stick with everything and even with nothing, to see them coming.

Graduation: 13% Vol.

Price: 9.59 euros

Supermarkets: To field.

3. O Luar do Sil Blanco 2017

Headline: The ideal godello for Christmas seafood

Origin: godello of Pago de los Capellanes, of the DO Valdeorras.

Description: At the time we recommend barrel-fermented, but the young man from this vintage is not far behind, because it is still silky, its acidity is very balanced, it enters smoothly and it lingers with a fruity and mineral flavor that accompanies to a long-lasting aftertaste.

Pairing: Seafood, lots of seafood.

Graduation: 13.5% Vol.

Price: 9.90 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour and El Corte Inglés.

4. Pazo do Mar

Headline: A fantastic ribeiro for fish

Origin: Treixadura of the Torre El Olivar Farm in Adega Pazo do Mar, DO Ribeiro.

Description: We are not surprised that this white has obtained several Gold and Silver Medals in several editions of the Brussels World Contest for so many consecutive years because it is a very agile and pleasant floral, herbaceous and saline white for all palates.

Graduation: 13% vol.

Price: 6.99-8.95 euros (according to offer).

Supermarkets: Aldi.

5. Anayón

Headline: Of those whites in barrels that pair with meats

Origin: Chardonnay from the Grandes Vinos y Viñedos group, from the PDO Cariñena

Description: It does not surprise us that this vinazo has won the award for the best aged white in Spain according to the Gourmets Wines Guide, because, honestly, it is a joy: very silky in the mouth, when tasted it recalls the peel of citrus, apricot, honey and a woody point at the bottom of the palate when you finish swallowing, which does not mean that it has just the right refreshing acidity, but with the unctuousness provided by the barrel.

Pairing: duck breast with orange marmalade and cardamom.

Graduation: 14% Vol.

Price: 6.75 euros

Supermarkets: To field.

6. White Barrel Fermented Entrevines

Headline: A target too easy to take

Origin: Chardonnay and Verdejo from the Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla winery.

Description: a very easy light wine, with two months in the barrel that greatly softens the Verdejo from Ciudad Real, while the chardonnay stands out in all its aromatic and gustatory expression, has a slight acidity at the end on the tongue, with a touch of citrus and fruit bone white.

Pairing: With a salmon tartare with guacamole in orange cakes by Inés Rosales it goes great.

Graduation: 13% Vol.

Price: 4.67

Supermarkets: To field.

7. Cara Nord white 2019

Headline: A refreshing white as well as enveloping

Origin: a blend of Chardonnay, Macabeo and Trepat from Cara Nord Celler, from the north face of the Prades mountain and around the Poblet Forest Natural Park, in the DO Conca de Barberá.

Description: this white is a real curiosity that comes from a coupage of two white grapes and a trepat, which is a very soft ink, and then spends three months of aging in barrels, which does not take away an iota of its fruity floral background , citric and salty, a very refreshing set, but covered with that enveloping, glyceric and persistent sensuality that wood confers.

Pairing: great for baked fatty white fish.

Graduation: 12.5% ​​Vol.

Price: 9.90 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour.

8. Auzells White Aging On Lees 2018

Headline: An assembly of very eclectic varieties

Origin: Macabeo, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño and Chardonnay, from Tomás Cusiné, DO Costers del Segre.

Description: With such a display of white varieties, this coupage is a fruity explosion on the nose, but still shows much more complexity on the palate, where, thanks to the power of six months of aging on the lees, it is voluminous, corporeal, with a surprising attack. and a refreshing finish.

Graduation: 12.5% ​​Vol.

Price: 11.20 euros

Supermarkets: Carrefour.

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