May 26, 2020

Eight devices that throw you a cable with the electricity bill | Innovation

Eight devices that throw you a cable with the electricity bill | Innovation

Humanity could live thanks to the star king, but most of them lack understanding of the fine print and arm themselves with basic technology. From the inverter to the solar panel, these devices invite you to get a greener and less expensive home.

This small device fully domotized and compatible via app with Android and iOS smart devices turns appliances on and off from anywhere in the world, thanks to its smart connection through Wi-Fi and 3G. A configurable and expandable ally so that the devices work only when they should work. € 49.99

A Galician startup has just given birth to this device that was born to efficiently manage household electrical consumption. Connected to the electrical panel of the home, Smappee automatically detects which of our appliances are consuming more energy, distinguishing between instantaneous consumption and phantom consumption. The data generated, sent wirelessly to the smartphone, propose tables and notifications of the household's electric footprint for ultra-efficient consumption. € 235

With Tesla Powerwall batteries, the visionary Elon Musk claims to be able to "change the energy in the world" and be one of the agents of transformation of the future solar. Manufactured with lithium ions, like those of mobile phones, the second generation of these batteries is capable of storing up to 13.5 kilowatts per hour, bringing clean energy to the entire planet and making any autonomous installation profitable, in combination with solar panels and a power inverter. Compact and autonomous, this automated system includes a power inverter, is installed in a simple way and does not require maintenance. € 7,000

This system of smart Led bulbs and strips allows to improve the domestic light with a controlled lighting from the smartphone or the Philips Hue regulator. Thanks to a variety of warm and cold white lights, this system of ultra-efficient lights is fully adjustable and facilitates lighting according to the user's activities and mood, such as awakening and relaxation, favoring concentration and providing energy. € 140

The latest range of solar panels of the Korean giant boasts high power generation by maintaining maximum performance on hot sunny days using an improved temperature coefficient, which allows a better absorption of light while reducing electrical losses. These 390W panels absorb solar energy also on its internal side thanks to a transparent sheet, which multiplies its power generation capacity. They are capable of generating up to 30% more energy. (v. p.)

Solar systems, plates and batteries take and store raw sunlight at 12 or 24 volts, which must be transformed to 220 watts in order to be compatible with most household devices. This transformation is carried out by a current inverter. The most sophisticated, pure wave, convert the signal without noise or voltage jumps, like this Victron 700W, ideal to supply power to an isolated home. € 750

The sun also gives us free hot water if we know how to have the right technology, like this solar heater by thermosyphon. The tasters exposed to the sun heat the water, which, depending on the temperature, is automatically stored in the 150 liter tank. A solar blessing free of invoices and consumption of fossil energy to generate hot water. € 1,345

This subsidiary company of Google has set itself the goal of domotizing our homes from devices that harmonize smart phones, PCs, tablets with smart thermostats, video surveillance or locks. Its intelligent and self-programmable thermostat, which is already in the third generation, learns from the user and is operated through a smartphone. € 249


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