April 14, 2021

Eibar wakes up in time | sports

Eibar wakes up in time | sports

Nobody could have imagined, with the second part advancing inexorably towards the 90th minute, that Eibar could get out of the hypnosis that Getafe submitted to him, to save at least one point, but he did it. He woke up and tied the game. A victory would have placed, at least for a few hours, the Madrid team in the Champions zone, but was neglected in the final stretch, and paid.

For many minutes, Eibar looked at himself in the mirror and the reflection of Getafe dazzled him. The team of Bordalás arrived in Ipurua with the lesson more than learned. After watching the last games of the Basque team, I knew that only by playing with the same aggressiveness and determination of his opponent could he gain revenue from his visit. And Getafe is not suspected of neglecting their duties.

From the first minute, the Madrid team worked hard to make the Eibar complicated that way of playing football that overwhelmed the last teams that passed through the town of Gipuzkoa and left with their ears down. They all lacked intensity, a quality that the Getafe, as the courage in the army, is assumed since Bordalás occupies his bench and has turned his team into a wall of armed homigón.

Al Eibar had a very difficult life throughout the first half, despite the initial flashes, when it seemed that the game was going from area to area. It was not so. Getafe deactivated the game with an intense pressure that demanded too much precision from Mendilibar's men, who for once were not thin. The bands closed and Orellana could not find the place, while on the other side of the field, Angel, hyperactive, tried to show as a visitor what he did not get dressed as a Barça player, and in one of these, after an Eibar defensive mismatch, Mata received from Oliveira to, with a subtle touch, overcome Risk and put ahead on the scoreboard to his team.


Eibar: Risk Rubén Peña, Paulo, Arbilla, Cote (Cardona, m.82); Jordán (Escalante, m.60), Diop, Orellana, Cucurella; Enrich (Kike García, m.60) and Charles.

Not used: Bigas, De Biasis, Markel Areitio, Sergio.

Getafe: David Soria; Damián, Djene, Cabrera, Antunes; Maksimovic, Flamini (Cristoforo, m.82), Foulquier, Olivera (Miquel, m.92); Angel (Jorge Molina, m.72) and Mata.

Not used: Chichizola, Arambarri, Samu Saiz and Hugo Duro.

Goals: 0-1 M. 37. Mata. 0-2. Foulquier. M. 51. 1-2. Charles (pen.) M. 66. 2-2. Charles M. 79

Referee: I measured Jiménez. Yellow cards to Djené, Maksimovic, Diop, Cucurella. VAR: Estrada Fernández.

Ipurua. 4,449 spectators

Eibar had a hard time imposing his authority, as he often does in Ipurua; He barely reached the area of ​​David Soria, who did not intervene once. Getafe anesthetized as he knows with the score in favor. Your rivals know that feeling. An unpleasant, metallic taste that numbs. Belladona football with which the Eibar was carried away, even more after the second goal, in a Foulquier shot, with all the space in the world to shoot from the edge of the area.

Eibar did not wake up, but Djené shook the Basque team and managed to get him out of bed, raising his hands in a center from the left that hit him slightly, but he deflected the ball. The VAR reviewed it, the referee pointed out a penalty and Charles transformed it. The goal revitalized his team, who, despite everything, still could not find the straight road to the Soria area. Cabrera broke it in an absurd cession of head to his goalkeeper without looking who was out there, and was the Brazilian Charles to get his foot and tie the game.

Al Getafe lacked integrity in the final minutes and Eibar launched the boarding, but lacked time, and the serenity of other occasions. If in Seville saw how they equaled a 0-2 after 80 exquisite minutes, in Ipurua the same happened to them but the other way around, and the players dressed as Barça left their rival with the desire to step on the carpet.

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