EH Bildu wants to occupy the PNV site because his does not give more than itself

EH Bildu wants to occupy the PNV site because his does not give more than itself

The candidate of the PNV to the Congress for Bizkaia, Aitor Esteban, has indicated this Sunday that "what EH Bildu wants is to occupy the PNV site, because his does not give more of himself" and has warned that "there may be a major attack against the Basque self-government ".

Esteban has participated in the presentation of the candidate for mayor of the town of Arrasate Gipuzkoa, Maria Ubarretxena, in an act in which have also intervened the deputy general of Gipuzkoa, Markel Olano, and the president of GBB, Joseba Egibar.

The PNV, "unlike" the sovereignist coalition, "will go to Madrid to more than shout" and will be dedicated to "defend self-government" and "dialogue with the will to agree," Esteban said.

Esteban has indicated that during this term EH Bildu "has done nothing" in the Congress of Deputies "except vote against the socialist budgets to approve the fall" of the Government of Pedro Sanchez.

"They say they do not trust the relations that the PNV is going to have with the government and what they have to do is leave Spain, that's easy," said candidate jeltzale, who pointed out that EH Bildu "always says the solution, but it has always been late for everything and it is the people who have lost energy and time and have caused a lot of damage to families, "he concluded.

He has also criticized the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, who said he has traveled to Euskadi "to be photographed on an aircraft carrier" and "disputes with Vox who has more military" on the lists.

Married has said in the Basque Country "that we must centralize, that nothing more transfers," said Esteban, who recalled that "people in Euskadi has grown with self-government", but "has not been like that all life" .

In this regard, he warned that "nobody believed that the two-party system was going to end or that Vox would enter the Congress", so he asked "to be alert" because "there may be a major attack against self-government and to defend it, it must be PNV in Madrid ".

He stressed that the jeltzales will be in Congress "pressing" to comply with the Statute and has criticized that Podemos and PSOE claim that "the real Basque agenda is the social one" because "without the votes of the PNV nothing that they presume would have come out ahead. "

"When the PNV is influential in Madrid, Euskadi is doing well," he concluded.

Egibar, who wore a yellow ribbon in the lapel, has indicated that the PNV is the "only party that has made progress in the Basque agenda" because "it offers reliability and effectiveness."

He stressed that the jeltzale party has "some pillars of their own" among those who have cited the "ethical, political and democratic commitment" to make the "abertzale project" a reality

Egibar has stressed that the "Basque people must grow institutionally and politically" because, in politics, "to stay still is to go back".

The leader of the Gipuzkoan nationalists has alluded to the situation in the United Kingdom, "on whether or not they vote" the Brexit, and has considered that it is "a democratic exercise".

"They should fix their problems, but with the help of a popular consultation they are asking another question again," he concluded.


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