EH Bildu, ERC, Más País and Ciudadanos charge against the Government for imposing masks on the street and Abascal announces that it will not comply

The decision of the Government of impose the use of the mask outside that has been transferred by Pedro Sánchez to the autonomies during the meeting of the Conference of Presidents held telematically in the Senate this Wednesday as prior to its approval this Thursday in an extraordinary Council of Ministers, has caused a strong rejection among the groups of the opposition, including some of the government's own partners. ERC, EH Bildu, Más País and Ciudadanos have criticized the measure, while the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, anticipated that he will appeal it to the courts and, in addition, will not comply with it.

The saturation of Primary Care threatens to leave cases of the sixth wave out of control

The saturation of Primary Care threatens to leave cases of the sixth wave out of control

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ERC's spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, has ironized assuring that the decision is "almost like giving an umbrella in the middle of a tsunami", believing that it will not solve much "while health is cut."

EH Bildu has also joined in the criticism and has indicated that the measure "lacks any sense" and "is corroborated by the scientific community." Not only that, but he has asked "to strengthen public health" and has indicated that "it is time for the administration to assume responsibilities."

The leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, has also called the measure "useless" and has therefore urged Sánchez to rectify it. "It is a serious political error," he said. His partner and party spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Mónica García, a doctor by profession, has supported him, stating that "there is only one thing worse than not taking action: taking useless measures."

Inés Arrimadas recalled, for her part, that "months ago" her party already asked Sánchez for a National Plan against the pandemic in which 500 million euros would be allocated to Primary Care; guarantee access to tests and the reinforcement of the third dose of vaccines. "Now it seeks to cover its inaction and opts for the outdoor mask, the measure with less scientific basis. The restrictions are cheaper," said the leader of Ciudadanos on his Twitter profile.

The president of Vox has been the most forceful and has described it as "nonsense" while warning Sánchez that his training will take the decision to court. According to him, Sánchez is a "tyrant's apprentice" and has accused him of "already exceeding all limits." Abascal, who has already brought to justice other measures approved by the Government such as states of alarm, has asked the Prime Minister to rectify because otherwise "we will respond in court." "Meanwhile," he added, "if I go down the street and with sufficient distance ... I am not going to wear it," he warned.

The leader of the extreme right has also accused the Government of wanting to "subject Spaniards to irrational fear" and to "a collection fine" if they do not comply with the new norm, thereby encouraging citizens to use the hashtag #YoNoMeLaPongo, the campaign that they are going to undertake in networks.


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