Egypt unveils the impressive tomb of a priest of 4,400 years ago

Egypt unveils the impressive tomb of a priest of 4,400 years ago

The Government of Egypt unveiled today a tomb of 4,400 years old in good condition and with a brightly colored pigmentation, which belonged to a priest of the court of the pharaoh Nefer-Ir-Ka-Re, of the V dynasty.

The burial, located at the foot of the Saqara pyramids, the oldest in the world, It is decorated with colorful frescoes and 24 statues in niches on the walls They represent the priest, called Wahtye, his wife and other relatives.

The illustrations on the walls of the burial show daily scenes of the manufacture of ceramics and wine, religious offerings, musical performances, the manufacture of funeral furniture, the hunting of birds and ships sailing.

Egypt's Minister of Antiquities, Khaled al Anani, said it is the "most beautiful" tomb discovered this year and highlighted its "exceptional" state of conservation.

The tomb, ten meters deep and three wide, was discovered last November by an Egyptian mission that works in a necropolis dedicated to animals, located on the outskirts of Cairo.

During the work, the archaeologists managed to remove the rubble and discovered a bas-relief on the lintel at the top of the entrance, where the names and positions of the deceased Wahtye are engraved in hieroglyphic writing.

Among his most important nicknames, consists of priest of the royal purification, supervisor of the divine palace, inspector of the temple of King Nefer-Ir-Ka-Re and inspector of the sacred ship.

The Egyptian Government is announcing discoveries of tombs and other findings of the pharaonic era every week, to try to encourage tourism in the country.


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