EGM | Herrera stagnates and does not manage to snatch the leadership of the mornings from Àngels Barceló

The second wave of 2021 of General Media Study (EGM) has once again positioned Cadena SER as the leading radio station in Spain with 4,220,000 listeners, although it suffered a drop of 147,000. The second is again the COPE with 3,427,000 followers, a rise of 59,000 compared to the first wave.

Complete the podium Zero Wave with 1,851,000 listeners (-92,000). For its part, RNE go up 15,000 and keep 1,113,000, while Rac 1 lose 23,000 and sign 964,000 listeners. The channel that grows the most with respect to the first balance is EsRadio with 135,000 more listeners. For its part, Catalunya Radio (531,000) dropped 61,000, as did Canal Sur Radio (213,000) that lost 158,000, Radio Euskadi (149,000) dropped 38,000 and finally Radio Galega (107,000) that lost half its listeners, 102,000.

The mornings

Regarding the programs, ‘Hoy por hoy’ is the favorite space of the audience in the coveted strip of mornings, with 3,011,000 listeners. Of course, the Àngels Barceló program suffers a drop of 44,000 compared to the first wave of 2021. Meanwhile, Carlos Herrera continues to occupy the second place with 2,579,000 listeners, losing 4,000 in their case. The presenter of ‘Herrera en COPE’ stagnates and loses the good rhythm, while Carlos Alsina registers 1,307,000 listeners in Onda Cero and The mornings of Radio Nacional go up to 840,000.

The afternoons

‘The Window’ by Carles Francino 20,000 listeners are left on the way, although its result is still good with 908,000 newspapers. Increase your advantage over ‘Julia on the Wave’ , which stays in 506,000 listeners in Onda Cero. This plays in favor of ‘La Tarde de COPE’, with Pilar Cisneros Y Fernando de Haro, which rises 70,000 and signs an average of 472,000.

The nights

Cadena SER also leads at night with ‘Hora 25’ of Pepa Well, which garners 1,051,000 listeners, a huge climb of almost 100,000 followers. COPE’s ‘La Linterna’ led by Angel Exposito it is still close in second position with 890,000 listeners, 10,000 more. Juan Ramon Lucas and his ‘The compass’ In Onda Cero they also improve and grow to 316,000 followers.


Javier del Pino and his ‘To live that are two days’ has 1,854,000 listeners on Saturdays and 1,952,000 on Sundays on Cadena SER. Meanwhile, in Cope, ‘Weekend’ of Cristina López Schlichting It goes from 738,000 followers to 867,000. Meanwhile, ‘Finally it’s not Monday’ by Onda Cero with Jaime Cantizano it falls from the 1.1 million followers of the previous wave and remains with 800,000 listeners.

Cope continues to lead sports

As for sports, and after the surprise in favor of Cope in the previous study, ‘El Larguero’ by Manu Carreño (the SER) falls again and goes from 746,000 listeners to 671,000. Meanwhile, ‘El Partidazo’ by Cope with Juanma Castaño it continues to rise from 753,000 to 825,000 listeners.

On weekends, COPE’s ‘Playtime’ with Paco gonzalez, Manolo lama Y Pepe Domingo Castaño they are left with 1.53 million followers between Saturdays and Sundays, which means 100,000 fewer listeners. For its part, ‘Carrusel Deportivo’, which was the leader of the weekends in the SER, remains at 1.3 million.


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