Egibar affirms that the future of Euskadi "can not be subordinated by a State that demonstrates failure"

The president of the GNP of the PNV, Joseba Egibar, has considered that "the political luck" of Euskadi "can not be linked to the need or not of the ruling party in turn in Spain according to the five, six, eight deputies" of the PNV . "We have a political strategy of our own and our future can not be subordinated or conditioned by a State that demonstrates failure," he remarked.

Egibar has made these statements at the ceremony held by the PNV this Sunday in Irun to present the jeltzales candidacies to the Congress and the Senate by Guipúzcoa, which has also had the intervention of Joseba Agirretxea, Maribel Vaquero, Eider Mendoza and Xabier Iridoy .

In his speech, the leader of the GBB has recalled that the nationalist left "before fought the statute" and needed that it "failed to take forward its own path that was driven under a military political parameter." "When that strategy is over, EH Bildu now embraces self-government and understands that it is something to protect and defend in order to move forward," he said.

In that sense, he believes that "this is good news from a Basque national and social perspective" because, in his opinion, "to defend self-government, a new status, a new political relationship with Spain, is to become a PNV". For this reason, he has asked that "nervousness" be left behind and that "work in common" be passed on those parameters.

The parliamentary spokesman jeltzale has affirmed that the State "has already taken us the measure and they know perfectly, depending on their box of need of votes or arithmetic, that they will already negotiate with the PNV". In this way, he assured that his party is "influential and even decisive", but has stressed that "the political fate of this people can not be linked to the need or not of the ruling party in Spain in function of our five , six, eight deputies. "

"We have a political strategy of our own and our future can not be subordinated or conditioned by a State that shows itself to be unsuccessful," he remarked, while referring to information from "experts" who say that for Catalonia "Spain is a burden" " "And for us not, or what?", He has questioned.

Egibar has affirmed that the Spanish State has "the biggest structural public deficit in Europe, an indebtedness that is equivalent to its own GDP, a pensions system that is drifting, the territorial autonomic model in crisis, without a possible solution for Catalonia or for national realities that we also aspire to have a State scheme, that we seek a new political relationship of coexistence that goes through respect, recognition, effective bilaterality and not subordination ".

After highlighting the importance of the "Basque agenda", Joseba Egibar has insisted that "the question is who better than the Basques to defend Basque issues". "We are not the only Basques, but we are the only ones who have defended the Basque issues and, if they come now, we will be stronger working together," he said.


For his part, Joseba Agirretxea has stated that he will not compete in "a contest of who shouts louder 'Gora Euskadi askatuta' or in one in which the judge is also Arnaldo Otegi." For this reason, he assured that when he hears that EH Bildu says that "they are the decisive ones" and will defend self-government, he asks himself "where have you been until now? Because we have been doing that for a long time without so much excitement and so many decision-making capacities" .

In his opinion, "that being decisive is not earned in a day either". In this way, it has influenced that the ability to make decisions "is something that gives experience, knowing how to be in each moment". "Now suddenly they want to do the race in a year and it can not be", he added.

The head of list by Guipúzcoa has ensured that the Basque society "knows perfectly who is the reference for what needs to be defended in Madrid", while he has also referred to the PSOE, to which "they fill their mouths saying that with them the train has arrived ". "Not with you, while you others have had to get up because if there is no way to get what we need, here some comply with the law based on their needs," he criticized.

For this reason, Agirretxea has insisted that "the only way to comply with transfers and commitments is to make them comply and that is why the PNV" because, as he warned, "of their own will no Spanish party has ever committed to anything , and I get the feeling that he will not do it in the future either unless we are continually claiming it. "

Finally, the candidate for the Senate by Guipúzcoa, Maribel Vaquero, has underlined that "the only useful vote is the PNV" because the commitment of the jeltzale formation "begins and ends in Euskadi". "The PNV is the best guarantee against the democratic decline of the State, it is not necessary, it is a useful vote to promote the rights of this people," he stressed.


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