Egan Bernal, "conscious and with mobility in all four extremities"

the colombian cyclist Egan Bernalfrom Team INEOS-Grenadiers, is "conscious and with mobility in all four extremities" after being operated on Tuesday for injuries sustained during his accident while training.

The winner of Tour de France and of Italy spin it was "successfully" operated on the spine and several fractures in the femur and patella and was sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with assisted breathing, where his evolution is correct. "As the hours have passed, the patient has had a excellent response to treatment and the doses of inotropy have been decreasing. After noon, the patient adequately tolerated the extubation protocol without any complications. At this time, he is conscious, with mobility in all four limbs, "explained the last medical report from the University Clinic of La Sabana where the winner of the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia is admitted.

Bernal had to go through the operating room to undergo several operations, including "osteosynthesis of a right subtrochanteric comminuted femur fracture", "osteosynthesis of an ipsilateral open fracture of the patella" and a "thoracostomy with drainage due to hemopneumothorax secondary to trauma thoracic".

But nevertheless, the most complicated came hours later, a thoracic spine surgery to reduce "a fracture dislocation from level T5 to T6 with traumatic disc herniation". "Under constant intraoperative monitoring of evoked potentials, instrumentation was achieved from T3 to T8, maintaining intact neurological integrity and preserving the functionality of the segments involved," the hospital explained.

The Colombian cyclist was with ventilatory, hemodynamic and inotropic support and the doctors informed that in the next few days they will begin the treatment "of the infection and the pulmonary contusion".

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