Efes hit a weak Real Madrid first

Image of the clash between Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes in the Euroleague

Image of the clash between Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes in the Euroleague

Real Madrid conceded their first defeat in their Euroleague quarter-final playoff against a far superior Turkish Anadolu Efes this tuesday and what won again with force by 90-63, in a game decided by Pablo Laso’s second half.

The Madrid team sought to recover the ‘home court factor’ in their first option, supported by its competitiveness and experience in these struggles, and for 20 minutes he had options. After a disputed break (44-40), the scoring drought was too great a drag to beat a rival as toned today as Ergin Ataman.

The 46-23 of the second half left no trace of doubt about the superiority of the Ottoman team, which did not even need the current runner-up for a stellar version of Larkin and Micic and opted for other resources such as Sanli (16 points and 8 rebounds ) and Beaubois (19). In the visitors, Tavares (10 and 9) was controlled and Thompkins (13) was the most outstanding of a team under 40 percent in shots of two (11/29) and three (10/30).

Real Madrid surprised at the start, both in their quintet, with the presence of the young Tristan Vukcevic, who paid a bit of nerves, as well as on the scoreboard. Fine from the triple and firm in defense, placed a 0-8 start on the email that forced Ergin Ataman to call his own to order and quickly get Larkin on the track.

With fouls taking its toll on both teams (Vukcevic, Taylor and Micic with two early starters), Efes was little by little balancing the shock, and returned the set to get ahead for the first time (15-14) and reach the end of the first ten minutes ahead.

The improvement of the Turkish team and the loss of Madrid aim They caused the alarms to go off for the first time in the Sinan Erdem (27-20). However, Trey Thompkins’ doll came to the rescue in those moments to prevent the escape and continue to stalk.

Laprovittola confirmed his good form with the fourth triple of those of Pablo Laso in this second period and in the midst of a battle that was raising its level on each side of the court, the locals went to rest 44-40 thanks in large part to a successful Beaubois (14 points), the best of theirs.

Efes overwhelms

The start of the third quarter was negative and two triples in a row by Simon and Sanli, again doing damage like in the WiZink Center (9 points), put a threatening 53-42. Real Madrid did not hit with the hoop and its low percentages they began to take a lot of bill because he could not find Tavares to do harm.

Two points for the Cape Verdean were the only positive baggage of the visitors after almost seven minutes of a quarter, and the only ‘positive’ was that his rival had not done much more damage. The ten-time European champion could not find the answer and Efes reached the decisive ten minutes with much of the way covered (64-50).

The locals did not relax in the final assault and those of Pablo Laso continued to be ‘disappeared’ at the offensive level. The result, now with Dunston as ‘hammer’, was a disadvantage above 20 points with six minutes to go and the achievement of the important first point in this type of playoffs. The second, this Thursday on the same stage (19.00), you will need a better visitor version if you do not want to go back home with the water up to your neck.

Data sheet

Result: Anadolu Efes, 90 – Real Madrid, 63 (44-40, at halftime).


Anadolu efes: Micic (7), Simon (10), Beaubois (19), Moerman (7) and Sanli (16) -initial quintet-; Larkin (14), Anderson (3), Singleton (-), Dunston (11), Pleiss (-), Tuncer (-) and Gazi (3).

Real Madrid: Laprovittola (9), Abalde (5), Taylor (3), Vukcevic (-) and Tavares (10) – starting five -; Alocen (2), Rudy Fernández (3), Llull (3), Thompkins (13), Causeur (6), Carroll (4) and Garuba (5).

Partial: 20-18, 24-22, 20-10 and 26-13.

Referees: Radovic, Pukl and Trawicki. Beaubois was eliminated for fouls.

Pavilion: Sinan Erdem.


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