June 13, 2021

Education will create a new faculty, category A2, for technical VET teachers without a university degree

The Ministry of Education already has its solution for technical VET teachers without a university degree. This group, which the department headed by Isabel Celaá figures at about 4,000 but the affected ones themselves raise to 12,000 people, had been left in a kind of limbo after the approval of the Lomloe, which is going to upgrade their classmates who do have qualification.

Minister Celaá has just announced in the Education Commission of Congress that she will create a new teaching body of civil servants, category A2, for teachers who teach in specialties that do not have a university equivalency and therefore cannot, in turn, be graduated. Specialist teachers will be called in singular sectors of Vocational Training.

This body will include cooking and pastry specialties; esthetic; manufacture and installation of carpentry and furniture; vehicle maintenance; Machining and machine maintenance; pattern making and clothing; Barber Shop; graphic arts production; service of restauration; and welding.

The Vocational Training technical teaching staff, made up of some 28,000 people, is made up of two groups: one, the majority, of university graduates who teach in 19 different specialties; the other, smaller, with these teachers without a university degree, who deal with the 10 specialties mentioned.

The point is that these teachers –all the technical ones– are framed in group A2 of the administration, unlike the academic teachers of the same FP, who are in A1 as those of Secondary. The division between academics and technical is historical, but it has ceased to make sense. Currently all do an equivalent job.

With the new body, Education solves – better or worse – a situation that threatened to become entrenched when it announced that this body of teachers was going to be extinguished. With the creation of the new body, the details of which will appear in the future FP law, this teaching staff is also allowed without a university degree (which was impossible because these specialties have no equivalency on campus).


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