Education reports TECH to the Prosecutor’s Office for misleading advertising

The educational group TECH Technological University yesterday regretted this “maneuver” of the Minister of Education, who “seeks to muddy the record of recognition of TECH as a private university,” said the private institution in a statement. TECH sources recalled that a criminal procedure has been initiated against the general director of Universities of the Ministry of Education, Manuel Ramírez, for an alleged crime of prevarication, violation of secrets and insults since, the educational center maintains, has kept the file blocked recognition from the university over a long time. In addition, TECH has opened separate criminal proceedings for alleged insults against the rectors of the Canarian public universities for “the smear campaign that began in February of last year to try to block the implementation of TECH as a private university in the region.”

The Ministry receives complaints from teachers and students about the certificates of the center


The deputy Juan Manuel García Ramos explained yesterday in the Parliament of the Canary Islands that for several years “we have noticed a boom in private universities in the Canary Islands” and stressed that, despite the small size of the island territory, there are currently six centers of these characteristics in the Archipelago. The nationalist affirmed that, although he does not consider the implantation of these centers in the Canary Islands something “neither good nor bad”, he recalled that “the two rectors of the Canarian public universities speak that he is carrying out misleading advertising” and that this center “has not passed the necessary filters” for its start-up. For all these reasons, he requested the “urgent call” of the University Council of the Canary Islands to analyze the situation.

The deputy recalled that the rector of the University of La Laguna (ULL), Rosa María Aguilar, has been denounced by TECH Universidad Tecnológica for insults by refusing to withdraw the statement in which she spoke of this misleading publicity. In this sense, the Minister of Education gave her support to the rector and said she was “concerned” because “they have denounced her for saying something that is true.” Thus, he recalled that TECH still does not have the necessary authorization issued by the Government of the Canary Islands and, therefore, “it is not a university, although it is advertising as such.” Given this statement, the educational group TECH said in its statement that “the counselor is fully aware that we are, and in her possession she has documentation that proves it.”

Regarding the installation of private universities in the Canary Islands, Manuel Armas acknowledged that there is “concern” about its rise in the Islands and recalled that, in the case of TECH, “it is advertised without having the documentation of recognition.” For all this, and after receiving several complaints from teachers and students affected by the degrees offered by that private university, the legal services of the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Canary Islands have decided to file a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office in which it also includes: that the center is currently conducting misleading advertising.

The entity denounced the general director of Universities for prevarication


Manuela Armas added that the proposal of the regional government regarding the recognition of this private university will soon reach the Parliament of the Canary Islands. Likewise, at the request of Juan Manuel García Ramos to convene the University Council of the Canary Islands, he affirmed that “we have already done so to be able to approach the preparation of the degree catalogs”.

The Minister of Education affirmed that “we defend the public university in the Canary Islands with two strong and quality headquarters”, such as the ULL and the ULPGC, and advanced that “the private ones that come will have to comply with the regulations in order to authorize their implementation” . In this sense, he recalled that the Canary Islands have been part of the working meetings for the drafting of the new Universities Law that will have a provision that will address the requirements that private centers that wish to have the university designation must meet. and that will be more demanding than the current ones. Thus, he gave as an example that the minimum number of degrees that must be offered will be studied in greater detail.

TECH sources regretted yesterday that “the Ministry of Education has departed from its obligations as a State administration for the sake of a misunderstood corporatism and that responds to its position radically opposed to the creation of new private universities in the Canary Islands, aligning itself with the position of confrontation of the Canarian public universities, which already in February 2020 made public a statement in which they showed their frontal opposition to the educational group TECH Universidad Tecnológica implanting a private university in the Canary Islands ”.

TECH explained in its statement that it operates at an international level and holds the necessary recognition to provide higher university education, so its activities comply with current Spanish regulations since in Spain it markets its own degrees from the CEU Cardenal Herrera University, a center that is registered in the Registry of Universities. The educational group also imparts its own degrees, for which it does not need to be registered in said registry; as well as official degrees from foreign universities, for which it is not necessary to have said registration either. Given its virtual nature, TECH provides training in any territory in the world, currently having students from 23 Spanish-speaking countries.

The institution employs 168 people who manage the group internationally


TECH established its central services in Tenerife in 2018, where it currently employs 168 people whose exclusive function is the management and administration of the educational group at an international level. To this day TECH does not operate as a private university in Spain, and this is precisely because it is awaiting the recognition and authorization of the competent authorities in order to carry out this activity. This recognition that was requested in 2017.

In Tenerife, TECH currently employs 168 people whose exclusive function is the management and administration of the educational group at an international level. In fact, one of the great commitments with the region that TECH reflected in the recognition file that is currently being processed in the Government of the Canary Islands is precisely the generation of employment, with the forecast of growing to 1,800 employees in the Islands until the year 2026, once the university is recognized as such by the Canarian Parliament.

Other issues


  • The deputy of Sí Podemos Canarias, Manuel Marrero, asked the counselor about the adaptation of the educational system to the development of Lomloe, who stated that “the changes will be gradual” although already in this 2020/2021 academic year, work is being done to increase the autonomy of the centers through the school councils that will now be able to elect the directors. Manuela Armas indicated that, for the next course, the modification of the evaluation and of the curricula will be addressed. The counselor acknowledged that Marrero’s proposal to include a pilot plan this course referred to the modification of the curricula. Armas recalled that the new curricular designs will be implemented in the next two courses and that the university entrance exams will also undergo changes. “It is a law that” greatly favors students because it puts them at the center of everything. ”


  • The deputy of the Gomera Socialist Group (ASG) Melodie Mendoza requested an evaluation of the two-year period so that all students who request aid can know if they will have an official scholarship before the course begins and Manuela Armas agreed that it is about a historical vindication for which it celebrated the decision adopted by the Ministry of Education in this regard. He also recalled that the scholarships from the Government of the Canary Islands are complementary to those of the State “but we will still do everything possible to be able to solve them also with the necessary time.” He took the opportunity to request the collaboration of the Canarian public universities, which have to provide the information to the Ministry for the processing of grants, however, he concluded that “we want to have our homework done before the end of spring.”

Absenteeism on La Palma

  • The deputy of the Popular Party Lorena Hernández asks the counselor about the knowledge by the educational inspection of the problem of school absenteeism in minors in the northwestern region of La Palma. The Ministry of Education has accounted for thirty minors in this situation but recalled that it is the municipalities that must intervene in these cases. Despite this, he affirmed that “our role is one of total collaboration with the different administrations.”


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