Education reminds centers who should pay for school supplies

Students of the Isabel de España Institute in the capital of Gran Canaria, yesterday, the first day of the course. / JUAN CARLOS ALONSO

Only educational material can be required and if the family cannot, the school will take care of it. Yesterday, Baccalaureate, ESO, FP, and university students joined the classrooms

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The Ministry of Education of the Canarian Government through the Inspection
yesterday reminded the centers that they cannot demand the educational co-payment that the AMPA have denounced. "Taking into account the difficult economic times for a significant number of our families, with the conviction that these financial contributions and educational material are always made prudently, and in an attempt to collaborate with the families (...) the Collection of amounts by educational centers must adhere to those explicitly regulated in the aforementioned regulations, following the procedure established for approval by the respective School Council or, where appropriate, by the corresponding Educational Administration, ”says the instruction. Also, remember that "
When requesting financial contribution, it is broken down what is the purpose of the requested amountremembering, except in the case of school insurance (students in the 3rd year of ESO and above), its voluntary nature».

On the other hand, and in terms of consumables,
the instruction reminds “that this must have an educational nature only and that families must be made to understand the need to have it at the moment in which the classroom activity is proposedcontributing it collectively, as each course usually does, or individually.
It is important to note that the lack of this material cannot mean that a student stops carrying out educational activities.s and that, in those cases where families cannot provide it,
center funds must be used or to the aid that the administrations offer for this purpose».

It should be remembered that at the beginning of September the Minister of Education, Manuela Armas, met with the representatives of the families to attend to the complaints that the AMPA were making about the generalization of the educational co-payment.

"Although in good faith, things are being done that are not allowed," Armas said at the time, according to a statement issued by the AMPA.

Precisely as a result of that meeting, the counselor asked the Educational Inspection to carry out the
corresponding reports on the economic management of educational centers in the archipelago.

Back to the classroom

On the other hand, normality returned yesterday to the Canarian classrooms with the incorporation of students from
Secondary (ESO), Baccalaureate and Vocational Training (FP)more than 132,600 male and female students who join the
150,000 Infants and Primary who started the course last Friday.
In addition, the university course also began yesterday.. In this case, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), where undergraduate education began this Monday, both in person and in the Teletraining modality, are more than 16,000, of which almost 4,000 are new entrants.

At the University of La Laguna, classes for the first semester will begin next Tuesday, September 27.

Among other novelties, this year there are no covid restrictions for the first time in two years. The mask is only mandatory on school transport. In addition, the Lomloe comes into force in the odd courses, which has caused some changes in the organization of the subjects with the commitment to new content. This year a new modality of Baccalaureate, the basic one, which is taught in 40 centers on the islands, also begins. And in a total of 34 centers, classrooms for two-year-old boys and girls have been set up, although in many of the centers the opening of these classrooms has been delayed due to their refurbishment works.

More than 400,000 students of all educational stages -from Infant to university, they have joined the Canarian classrooms between Friday and yesterday to start their studies this academic year.

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