April 10, 2021

Education inspectors ask the Ministry for a professional career

Education inspectors ask the Ministry for a professional career

Four professional associations of education inspectors have held a meeting today with the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, in which they have demanded the creation of a "professional career" for inspection.

The president of the Trade Union of Education Inspectors (USIE), Jesus Marrodán, has explained to Efe that his claim is that this career includes, among other provisions, the call for tenders of merits "to avoid dedazos to access certain positions" or the recognition throughout Spain "of the complement of directors".

Both USIE and the National Association of Education Inspectors (ANIE), the Association of Education Inspectors (ADIDE) and Inspectors and Inspectors for a new Education (INSNOVAE), also present at the meeting, agree on these requests "in a more less common, with small nuances. "

Marrodán has affirmed that the Ministry has shown a "good receptivity" to the demands of the inspectors, who also include an increase in their participation "in the external evaluation of the centers".

And he added that there are other issues on which the Ministry should consult if "legally" is competent to legislate, such as "there is a working group of the inspection" in the Sectoral Conference.

In addition, the meeting has addressed the educational reform that wants to undertake the Government of Pedro Sanchez, a project that in the opinion of the inspectors should be, first of all, "very consensual", to avoid "regulatory instability and continuous changes" .

Marrodán considers that the socialist proposal contains "sections that are very supported by the educational community" and others "more debatable", although it will not be possible to "analyze concretely" the new norm until its articles are known.

"It would seem, for example, opportune that the regulations referring to the autonomous languages ​​also had some kind of control, because we must remember that all citizens have the right and duty to know all the co-official languages, and that can not be left only at the risk of each regional government doing what they want, "he said.

The inspectors have contributed their own "improvement proposals" to the preparation of the reform, such as the inclusion in it of sections dedicated to "the inspection", to "the improvement of teachers" and to the "evaluation of the centers and teachers" .

"Whatever is done, it has to be based on consensus, social and political, but it will be a failure, one more of those that we have behind us, and the country can not afford it," concluded the president of the USIE.


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