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Education Convenes Celebrates the Day of the Family – The Province

Education Convenes Celebrates the Day of the Family - The Province

The non-university public educational centers of the Canary Islands and their respective AMPA are invited to participate, jointly, in the next edition of the competition educational 'Celebrate Family Day 2019', promoted by the Service Educational Innovation of the Ministry of Education and Universities of Government of the Canary Islands, which will focus, especially, on family diversity.

The call, which is already published on the website of the Ministry and whose bases can be found at Participacion / convocatorias /celebra_dia_de_la_familia2019.html, establishes that the deadline to send the documentation concludes next April 23.

The objective of this contest is to promote in the educational centers the celebration of Family day, which will be held next 15 th of May. Thus, through this contest, the Educational Innovation Service tries to encourage, spread and recognize the proposals for celebrating this day, taking into account, above all, the family diversity that may exist in the centers.

It is a proposal that seeks to combine learning processes and the approach of families to the center in a single project, well articulated, where families are involved in the development of specific learning, while a celebration is held to promote the sense of belonging to the educational community.

Therefore, the purpose of the activity is the promotion of the celebration of Family Day in schools, the visibility and normalization of the presence of family diversity in schools, the involvement of families in educational activities, the creation of opportunities of joint work between the centers and the associations of parents of the alumnado and the possibility of joining forces with the families for the improvement of the educational success.
A single prize valued at 1,200 euros will be awarded to the activity with the best rating, so that the educational center will receive 600 euros and its AMPA another 600.


The participating centers must have the express consent of the AMPA to participate in the Contest. In addition, the proposal presented will have to reflect the programming of an educational activity related to family diversity inserted in the programming of some of the areas or subjects, as well as the collaboration of the families in educational aspects of the students. It will also include the celebration of a festive meeting related to the proposed educational activity.

The participation procedure of the educational centers interested in participating in the contest will be done by completing and sending Annex II of the call to the e-mail of the Family and Educational Participation Program: [email protected], writing in the subject: "Contest (name of center)". This annex must be sent before April 23, 2019. Once the documentation has been received, an email confirming receipt of the documents will be sent to the participating educational center.

To resolve any doubt or incident related to the procedure, interested parties can contact the Ministry through the following telephone numbers: 922423747, 928455504 or in the aforementioned email address of the Family and Educational Participation Program.

The evaluation criteria of the proposals that have been established, after the end of the delivery period of Annex II and in a maximum period of 15 days counted from the day following the same, are: the degree of involvement of the families in the educational and celebratory activities; the creativity; the degree of curricular anchoring in the proposed activities; the treatment of the main theme on family diversity; the degree of diffusion and the number of participating families.

The jury will be composed of the director of the Canarian Agency for University Quality and Educational Evaluation (Accuee) and the Innovation Service of the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Canary Islands Government, Teresa Acosta, by the president of the Confederation of AMPA of the Canary Islands (CONFAPA), Josefa Amparo Méndez; by two representatives of different insular federations of AMPA, as well as by two representatives of the Educational Innovation Service of the Ministry of Education and Universities, one of which will act as secretary. The decision of the jury will be communicated to the centers that participate.


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