Education calls OPE 2019 for the Inspectorate – The Province

Education calls OPE 2019 for the Inspectorate - The Province

The Ministry of Education and Universities of Government of the Canary Islands has published today in the Official Gazette of the Canary Islands (BOC) the Order by which the selective procedure for admission to the Body of Inspectors. The objective is to cover a total of ten seats vacancies in this Body, authorized in the Decree 189/2018, of December 26, which approves the Public Employment Offer of the year 2018 for the entry and access to the bodies of non-university teaching staff of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.

The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the aforementioned selective process is 20 calendar days, counted from the day following the publication of this Order in the BOC, that is, from tomorrow, Friday, April 5, 2019, until the 24th of the same month.

The start date of the selective procedure will be determined in the Resolution issued by the General Directorate of Personnel to make public the final lists of admitted and excluded applicants.

It should also be noted that, of the ten places called, one will be reserved for applicants who have recognized a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent.

The provision of places will be made through competition-opposition for nine places and through merit competition for a place.

Applicants must comply with a series of general requirements such as being Spanish or national of any of the other Member States of the European Union, have reached the age of eighteen and have not reached the established age, generally, for retirement.

Likewise, they must belong to one of the bodies that make up the public teaching function and be in possession of the title of Doctor, Bachelor, Engineer, Architect or corresponding Degree or equivalent title.

They must certify a minimum of six years as a career civil servant, in one of the bodies that make up the public teaching function and a teaching experience of the same duration. They will have to possess the functional capacity to perform the usual tasks of the body of Education Inspectors and not suffer from illness or physical or psychic limitation that is incompatible with the exercise of their functions. He can not have been convicted by a final judgment for any offense against liberty and sexual indemnity nor have he been separated, through disciplinary proceedings, from the service of any of the Public Administrations, nor be disqualified from exercising public functions.

Neither may be a career officer in practice or be pending the corresponding appointment as a career civil servant staff of the same body of Inspectors.

Regarding the specific requirements to participate in the merit contest access procedure, they must have exercised a positive evaluation, for at least three terms, the position of director. All the requirements listed in the call must be held on the day of the end of the deadline for submission of instances and remain until the takeover as career officer of the new body.

Submission of applications
Applicants must complete an application, online, through the Electronic Office of the Ministry of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands, attaching the documentation indicated in the aforementioned application and which will be uploaded to the application, in PDF format.

After the deadline for submitting applications, the General Directorate of Personnel will publish the provisional lists of admitted and excluded, expressing, where appropriate, the reasons for the exclusion.

Within five working days, counted from the day following the publication of these lists, applicants may correct the defects of their application, as well as claim against their exclusion or omission from the lists, using the model of written that will be published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Universities ( and that will be addressed to the General Director of Personnel. This written complaint, completed and signed, along with the corresponding documentation, will be submitted electronically through the Electronic Office of the Government of the Canary Islands.

Once the rectification requests and the presented claims have been studied, the General Directorate of Personnel will issue a resolution approving the definitive lists of admitted and excluded persons and stating the date, time and place where the act of presenting the aspirants and the beginning of the opposition phase.

Selective procedure
The selective procedure, for the contest-opposition modality, will be common for all the applicants that are admitted, independently of the access (free or reserved for disabled) by which they are presented and will consist of three phases: opposition phase, phase of contest and phase of practices.

The opposition phase will consist in the development of a test in which the pedagogical knowledge, administration and educational legislation appropriate to the inspection function will be assessed, as well as the knowledge and specific techniques for the performance of the same.

For the modality of merit contest, applicants must defend the content of the report before the court.

In the contest phase the merits contributed will be valued, according to the scale and the specifications that appear in Annex II of the call.

Finally, in the practical phase will be assessed both the professional practice of the Inspection, as the performance of training activities, preferably in specific areas of work, in order to achieve technical and scientific expertise in the performance of general actions and specialized.


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