May 14, 2021

Education agrees to eliminate the barracks this legislature – The Province

The Minister of Education, Universities, Culture and Sports of Canary Government, María José Guerra, has committed to eliminate before the olegislature ends the barracks that still exist in different educational centers of the Canary Islands.

María José Guerra told the media that since she arrived at the Ministry she has been visiting “center by center” to “eradicate” these infrastructures, which “are now distributed in 44 educational centers of the Islands” [en discrepancia con los 77 publicados ayer por LA PROVINCIA/DLP]. “The next visit will be to Lanzarote,” he said.

The counselor clarified that these barracks grew at a time of cuts, as a result of the crisis, to reach a “worrying” number, and wanted to make it clear that the counseling will do “everything possible” to eradicate them.

In fact, he explained that so far a dozen barracks have been removed, although he insisted that the objective is that there be none at the end of this term.

The General Budgets of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands for 2020 allocate 40.7 million euros to the investment of the improvement of the educational centers of the Islands, a task that is the responsibility of the General Directorate of Centers, Infrastructure and Educational Promotion, led by María Candelaria González.

This figure represents an increase of 7.64% with respect to the provisions of the previous budget. Specifically, the item for the replacement of modular classrooms amounts to 1.05 million euros and is willing to allocate 1.13 million to the removal of asbestos in the educational centers of the Archipelago. The total budget of this General Directorate is 153,599,079 million, which represents an increase of 5.5% in relation to the amount assigned to the area in the previous year.

In this context, the president of the National Association of Teaching Professionals (ANPE) in Las Palmas, María Perera, highlights the importance of having good infrastructure in the educational environment. “It is not only convenient, but it is necessary to create an environment in which they feel comfortable and safe, facilitating the material for the development and socialization process,” says Perera, who, in that sense, highlights that having schools in Good condition is decisive for students to obtain the expected academic results.


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