Education advances the reordering of the employment lists of the OPE – La Provincia

Education advances the reordering of the employment lists of the OPE - La Provincia

The Ministry of Education and Universities has advanced the reordering of the employment lists derived from the Public Employment Offer (OPE) , which led to the appointment of more than 1,100 officials and teachers in the bodies of teachers of Secondary, Language Schools and Technical FP. The measure, which has been carried out ten months earlier than expected, will allow the teachers who approved the opposition to be hired, but who did not reach the required score to obtain a place in the quota of their specialty. This was announced yesterday by the public body through its website.

As a general rule, the experience and merits of all the people who were part of these lists took place almost a year after the test. The specialties for which this reordering has been approved are all those that were convened in the OPE of 2018, in addition to the provisional list of the body of teachers in the specialty of English.

Until this year, the constitution of the employment lists after each opposition took place in accordance with the provisions of Decree 74/2010, of 1 July, which establishes the procedure for the constitution of employment lists for the appointment of officials interns in the sectors of general administration and non-university teaching of the Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, as well as of temporary statutory staff in the organs of provision of health services of the Canary Islands Health Service. The norm dictated that after each OPE, the lists would be reordered by evaluating the grades, experience and merit of all the candidates, in an exclusive way, whether they were previously in the lists or not.

However, a correction in the budgets of the Autonomous Community for 2018 approved by the Parliament of the Canary Islands This decree was annulled in this exercise in such a way that it was not necessary for the people who were already on the lists to present themselves to the opposition, and the incorporation of the new opponents of each specialty will be carried out following that preexisting list.

The prioritization of this procedure and the concentration of human resources necessary to complete it a short time is the product of the will of the Counseling for counting on the lists with the best prepared teaching staff.


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