March 2, 2021

Eduardo Gómez dies, actor of ‘The one that approaches’ and ‘There is no one here to live’ | TV

Actor Eduardo Gómez has passed away this Sunday at age 68, according to the director and scriptwriter of television series Alberto Caballero on Twitter. The actor achieved great popularity with the series There is no one living here Y The one that is coming in the last 15 years, although his career started in the nineties, after having done work as a figurant while making a living as a bricklayer or encyclopedias seller.

The success of the audience came to play the role of Mariano Delgado, the father of the character that Fernando Tejero embodied in There is no one living here, issued by Antena 3, between 2003 and 2006. Subsequently, he worked in The one that is coming (Telecinco), Tony gym (Four) and Slaughterhouse (Antenna 3). His television debut was in the series Oh sir, sir!. "GThanks for so many years of laughter and good vibes. You are comedy story, "Caballero wrote at his farewell.

Gomez also had small roles in some movies like The great adventure of Mortadelo and Philemon and Torrent 3: The Protector.

In 2004, Gomez won the award for Best Supporting Television Actor awarded by the Union of Actors for his portrayal of Mariano Delgdo in There is no one living here.

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