Eduardo Arroyo: Boxer painter and biographer | Culture

Eduardo Arroyo: Boxer painter and biographer | Culture

In Minute of a will, Eduardo Arroyo He left us his confession-that literary genre that fascinated María Zambrano, from San Agustín to Rousseau. Arroyo confessed painter: "For me painting is everything, it is my own life"; he confessed reader: "My library is one of the places I love most in this world"; and, although he affirmed that "two objects in the world do not awaken in me the slightest interest: seals and watches", he confessed collector. Boxing and its literature have impassioned Eduardo Arroyo, not only as an artist and painter, but as a researcher, as an essayist and even as a collector of posters and old photographs related to the epic and glorious years of international boxing. Fruit of that passion are several books, among which Panama Al Brown, his most beloved book, which we reissued at Fórcola last February-something that Arroyo lived with enthusiasm-just before the great homage that Arco paid to his work and his career. Eduardo was fascinated by "the stories of boxers, winners and losers"; He considered that most people have a very topical, "very fast" idea of ​​those "fragile and weak" beings.

In his recent book –Eduardo Arroyo and the paradise of the flies-, Fabienne di Rocco, his collaborator, stressed that "above all other fighters, the one that fascinates him most is Panama Al Brown. "He painted and drew on numerous occasions and did not fail to gather facts and details, relationships of combats, friendships and disappointments, which have been captured in this magnificent book, in which the painter and artist is consecrated as an exceptional writer and For Eduardo, both the boxer and the painter play their lives in every fight against their opponent, the boxer in one case, the virgin canvas in the other. "Painter and boxer -conceives Fabienne- they enter the places of loneliness and pain. "I am left with one last confession from Arroyo:" Only the exceptional deserves to be lived. "Arroyo honored me with his friendship and allowing me to be one of his last editors.

Javier Jiménez He is the director of Fórcola Ediciones.


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