Eduard Fernández: “Denying the pandemic is comical, absurd and an asshole”

Eduard Fernández, star of & # 039; 30 coins & # 039 ;.

Eduard Fernández, protagonist of ’30 coins’.

’30 Coins’, the series of Alex de la Iglesia comes to HBO. Eight chapters with a demonic rhythm in which the director of ‘The Day of the Beast’, ‘The community’ or ‘The witches of Zugarramurdi’ pushes his characters to the limit both physically and mentally. And it is that, as it happens in many battles that are fought in the real world, in this fight against the demonic forces … belief is the key.

The fiction created by De la Iglesia together with his regular collaborator, Jorge Guerricaechevarría, relates a global conspiracy in which dark and powerful forces seek to seize at all costs with the 30 coins for the Judas betrayed Jesus Christ. A relic that would grant them an unimaginable power that could destroy, not only the entire structure of the Church, but all humanity. And in the face of these fearsome enemies, Father Vergara, the priest of Pedraza, a small town in Segovia, where one of the coins is found, reappears as an unlikely hero.

Exorcist, boxer, ex-con and exiled by the Vatican, Vergara is a priest of arms to take who has already faced the forces of evil and who now lives away from all that to flee from a pain that he does not want to relive. “He is someone very disbelieving and very believing at the same time,” says Fernández in an interview in which he defines his character as “someone deeply religious who fights with great force against evil having lived through it” and who “has already gone through almost everything in the life”.

And precisely because of this, because of his painful experience when he was an exorcist in Rome, Vergara refuses to give fuel to the undeniable signs and even to the terrible demonic phenomena that are manifested in the town, and he tries to rationalize them by all means. “It is something psychological, personal, because he does not want what is happening to happen and he denies it with great force“, says the actor who also assures that, initially, this” is the way that Vergara has to fight against the forces of evil.

“Big deniers”

“He believes that closing his mind and denying what is happening is the way that it does not happen, that everything is in the imagination … even the real thing. The real thing, if you close your mind, it will cease to exist I think it is a beautiful and interesting theory“, says Fernández whose Vergara is, so to speak, a denier of the demonic … until, faced with what he is seeing, he has no choice but to react and fight.

“There are great deniers and I am now about to deny the force of gravity”, he says with irony when comparing the point of view of his character with the denialist positions in the face of the coronavirus pandema that has plagued the world for months. In this sense, the winner of three Goya awards assures that if everything that is happening in a movie or television series had to be summarized, it would be a production that would move “between terror and comedy.”

And it is that, says the Catalan actor vehemently, “denying the pandemic by having it in front of your eyes is a bit of a Peter Selles movie. “It’s comical, absurd, asshole“, Fernández sentence adds that” the part of terror “would have to do with the origin of the virus, the real number of victims and everything that the authorities do not make public.

“Where does the virus come from, when has it started, how many deaths are there in reality, who is telling the truth, who is telling the lie, what does China say, what does Russia say, what does the United States say … what do we know and what we don’t really know about everything that is happening. That is a little more scary, “he concludes.


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